Scottish islanders bid for their own version of Monopoly

A Hebridean version of the classic board game has been devised. Chris Young /PA.

A Hebridean version of the classic board game has been devised. Chris Young /PA.

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ONE determined Islander is edging closer to his dream of seeing a Hebridean version of the board game, Monopoly.

‘Stornopoly’ hopes to swap Park Lane and Mayfair for the scenic landmarks of Lewis and Harris.

Stornopoly will feature key island sites.

Stornopoly will feature key island sites.

The Highland-themed Community Chest cards will tell players that their “band has been asked to headline the Hebridean Celtic Festival” or that their “sheep wins 1st prize at the Barvas show”.

If players land on a Chance card, they may be “appointed grazings clerk” or “end up on Hebrides News after a wild weekend on the randan”.

Players can even progress around the board game using a Lewis Chessman counter.

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Mocked up Community Chest cards.

Mocked up Community Chest cards.

The island edition was devised by Steve Ferguson, 33, from Point, Lewis and Harris, during his stay in hospital following a motorbike accident.

The idea began when Mr Ferguson noticed fellow islanders from Arran and the Isle of Man each had their own localised Monopoly game – sparking him to post a suggestion on social media.

“Those other editions got me thinking we should have our own one too,” he told the Stornoway Gazette.

“So I put my idea online and people really took it and it got a lot of support and coverage so it became popular. It’ll be a really good laugh if nothing else.”

Now, a Kickstarter page has been launched in a bid to have the island landmarks immortalised forever as squares on the classic family favourite.

Mr Ferguson hopes to raise the £21,000 target required for game makers to produce 1,000 units of his limited edition.

Those who pledge will not be charged unless the entire required total is reached.

“It will be around £40 a board if we reach the target but if we don’t reach the target the game won’t be made,” Mr Ferguson said.

“Hasbro have been great and they are probably more involved than me now.

“I am trying to find out what I can offer people like places on the board or as part of the montage on the box or in the cards.

“I think they are very flexible and the only things that can’t be changed are the four corners on the board itself. Even then we can get a black pudding or a tractor token made up to be used as placers in the game.”

The possible creation of the game could also afford local businesses the opportunity to be promoted or featured on the game with Mr Ferguson confirming talks with a handful of companies have already taken place.

“I’ve had messages from several local businesses expressing an interest in being involved and hopefully others will pick up on it too,” he added.

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