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Recipe: Celeriac remoulade

A close relation of celery, celeriac is a fat root with a wonderful flavour – you can detect the celery connection, but celeriac has a depth of taste all of its own.

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Tom Kitchin recipes: Poached free-range chicken breast with ginger and lemongrass | Sea bass en papillote

JANUARY is one of my favourite times in the year. We take a rare break from the restaurant and use the time off to catch up with relatives and friends. It’s a great opportunity for us to rest our bodies and minds after the rush of Christmas entertaining. O

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Swapping some carbs for protein may lead to long-lasting weight control

THE Dukan. The Atkins. The tapeworm, champagne and paleo. Every year brings its own new diet plans that claim to have finally found the key to effective, long-lasting weight-loss.

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Gadget review: Sweet Treats Cake Pop Maker

I am a huge cake lover, a prodigious gorger of everything sponge and icing. I am also somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to cakes, so I was at first rather sceptical when the spherical form of a cake pop stared back at me.

Tom Kitchin: ‘Done to perfection, the soufflé is the benchmark of a good chef’

SOUFFLÉ is the dread of every cook, and rightly so – it’s a dish that can so often go disastrously wrong.

Tom Kitchin: ‘Get creative in the kitchen and make presents instead of buying them’

AS WE hit mid-November, it’s hard not to start thinking about Christmas; not only how we’ll be spending the day but also what gifts we’ll be buying our loved ones.

Tom Kitchin recipes: Turbot on the bone with Hollandaise sauce | Spiced damsons

Edinburgh was recently voted one of the top ten gourmet destinations in Europe – an achievement we should be incredibly proud of. I was, of course, particularly pleased for my dear friend Dominic Jack, chef patron at Castle Terrace, who was awarded a shiny Michelin star. Again, this shows Scotland is playing a vital part in the culinary scene.

Recipes: Lambs liver stroganoff | Calves liver Venetian style | Liver terrine

Liver varies in taste and texture according to which animal it comes from. It also produces extreme reactions in people – they either love it or loathe it. But in my experience (from asking at cooking dems) far more people like it than don’t. And liver, along with all offal, is becoming increasingly popular as it’s inexpensive, sustaining, highly nutritious, and can be cooked in a wide variety of ways.

Recipes: Pork and Coriander Jiao Zi (boiled dumplings, Lamb and Cumin Seed

For quick summertime dishes that can be prepared in minutes and enjoyed by all the family, take some inspiration from the Chinese.

Tom Kitchin: Cooking with offal

THROWING food away is like throwing money away and we are all increasingly looking for ways to lower our food bills and avoid waste at home.

Tom Kitchin recipes: Chocolate pear | Braised rabbit leg with mustard sauce and tagliatelle

The arrival of spring always fills me with joy. It's a season to celebrate so many things - the lighter, brighter days, the fresh start, the family over for Easter feasts. For me, the most exciting part of all is the new produce the season introduces.

Recipes: Vanilla sponge cake with whipped cream and raspberry jam | Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing and vanilla buttercream

Time for a spot of indulgence, and for me cake is such a treat. It can be served as a pudding, at the end of lunch or dinner, or with a cuppa for elevenses.

Recipes: Choose versatile chicken for an Easter feast to remember

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, the day of chocolate for those for whom Lent means six weeks of self-denial. And chocolate eggs bring chicken to mind.

Recipes: Wow your guests with a sweet or savoury soufflé

A soufflé never fails to impress. But that should never be the intention behind making and serving one, for soufflés are such delicious eating.

Recipes: Eggs Florentine | Gnocchi with spinach and Parmesan | Spinach, apple and turmeric soup

Popeye made spinach famous for my generation. The cartoon character's favourite food came from a tin, but today we can all buy fresh young spinach leaves with such ease. This wonder food is delicious, and very good for us, as it's packed full of iron, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Recipes: Rock Oysters with Warm Piperfield Chorizo, Rock Oyster with Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb and Red Wine Vinegar Dressing

An aphrodisiac, culinary delicacy and health kick all in one, there's no escaping the lure of the humble oyster.

Tom Kitchin recipes: 'Guilty pleasures are very individual but American classics seem to strike a chord'

I THINK, when it comes to food, everyone has a guilty pleasure - something they find too good to resist, even though they know they should.

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