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Warning of worst depression ever despite ‘QE2’ cash boost

THE Governor of the Bank of England has warned that the world may be facing the worst economic crisis ever – only hours after he sanctioned another £75 billion pound injection into the UK economy.

Number of new job opportunities falls

Job opportunities fell back last month, hitting employment prospects in banking, insurance and marketing, a new study has found.

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Retailers warn of continuing woe

The BRC report prompted a stark warning from retail experts that high streets could be in for another sustained period of subdued spending.

'Double dip' fears grow for Scottish economy

ECONOMISTS have issued a growth warning for the Scottish economy amid fears the country will be hit even harder than the rest of the UK by the downturn which latest figures show has left Britain teetering on the brink of a double-dip recession.

Scotland to avoid double dip in 'joyless, jobless' recovery

SCOTLAND is set to avoid a double dip recession but will not see employment return to pre-2007 levels for a decade, according to the latest forecast from the Ernst & Young Scottish Item Club.

Economic gloom deepens as jobs market hits year low

THE employment outlook in Scotland has deteriorated further as salaries and new vacancies continue to fall, according to a report published today.

Chocolate sweetens the taste of recession

DESPITE the recession sales of chocolate are booming with ethically traded and luxury brands soaring.

Scepticism over warning of double-dip recession in UK

HIGH street banks are on the cusp of a second credit crunch that threatens to spark another wave of taxpayer bail-outs, a think-tank has claimed.

Scots getting poorer faster than the English

SCOTLAND is bearing the brunt of the recession with jobless and poverty levels north of the Border increasing at a higher rate than in England, according to a new report.

Mervyn King: Bank bailout was unfair - but deficit must be cut

Bank of England Governor Mervyn King yesterday described the huge banking bailout as "unfair" and appeared to sympathise with calls for multibillion-pound tax evasion to be tackled when he spoke to union activists.

Surprise figures raise fears of double dip back into recession for the UK

FEARS have been raised that the UK's recovery could be "on the turn" and heading towards a double-dip recession after there was a lower than expected fall in unemployment.

British economy 'best in G7' but outlook is still gloomy

THE British economy is set to fare better than its rivals in the G7 nations in the third quarter of the financial year, international forecasters claimed yesterday.

Worst of the economic crisis is over, says EU chief

THE head of the European Union has claimed that the worst of the economic crisis is over and the recovery is accelerating.

Tax reforms 'essential to UK recovery'

GOVERNMENT ministers are being warned not to sacrifice reform of the tax system as they push through a series of tough public spending cuts this autumn.

Public spending cuts 'to hit growth but recovery will continue in 2013'

DEEP cuts to public spending expected from the coalition government will slow UK economic growth over the next two years but will not choke off recovery in 2013, an influential report will say tomorrow.

Scottish economic recovery 'stalled' in first three months of 2010

ECONOMIC recovery stalled in the first three months of this year, official figures today showed.

Warning UK recovery has peaked

UK ECONOMIC growth almost doubled in the second quarter of this year, figures are this week expected to reveal, but economists are already warning that the recovery may have peaked.

Scottish jobless total on the rise again - while UK unemployment falls

THE number of unemployed Scots has increased again, despite the UK jobless total falling, figures released today show.

Recession blamed as domestic violence cases soar by 1,500

CONVICTIONS involving domestic violence have risen sharply as the recession, unemployment and money stresses lead to tensions in Scottish homes.

Finance watchdog cuts UK growth forecast

FORECASTS from the new independent watchdog for the UK's public finances sparked a war of words today a week before Chancellor George Osborne's emergency Budget.

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