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Real Lives: Top man Charlie’s on course for retirement

CHARLIE Rodger, the cheerful chappie on the door at the Caley, won’t be tipping his top hat at passers-by any more. Golf, the game he’s crazy about, has got to him.

The whole city knew of Derek and the Dominion

DEREK Cameron, the former owner of the Dominion Cinema, has died, aged 77.

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Real Lives: Gifts galore as diamond couple mark marriage

TWO dozen roses from Malta, a card from the Queen and flowers from the Provost were just some the gifts that Bridgend residents Peter and May Manson received for their diamond wedding anniversary last week.

Real Lives: Phyllis reaches century with cabaret party treat

FORMER army nurse Phyllis Etty celebrated her 100th birthday with a party thrown by her friends at the Braid House day centre in Howden, West Lothian.

Real Lives: Angeles makes sure her hotel is a shining example

Angeles Moreno has been voted Scotland's Housekeeper of the Year and she still makes the beds at home.

Real Lives: Diamond celebration is a reflection of their love

On reflection, it was a romance kindled when they caught each other's eyes in a mirror.

Real Lives: Russell's retirement plans are already cut and dried

Russell Lawrie is to hang up his scissors after working as a ladies' hairdresser in the Capital for almost half a century.

Real Lives: Family and friends join Annie to mark 104 years

Annie Fulton, one of West Lothian's oldest residents, has celebrated her 104th birthday.

Golden girl Lesley gets an MBE to add to medal haul

Volunteer and Capital athlete Lesley Forrest is celebrating being honoured with an MBE.

Real Lives: Bond still strong as twins celebrate their joint 80th

THERE will be a double celebration tomorrow when twins Margot McDonald and Marie Johnston celebrate their 80th birthdays together at a joint party with their family.

Hilary's got the stomach for the tough retail world

Baring her belly, at her age and in broad daylight. Bizarre, wouldn't you agree?

Hard work lands Jane with thanks from PM

Leither Jane Pollock has received a letter from the Prime Minister thanking her for her work as a Land Girl during the Second World War.

Weekend of fun to mark 50 happy years together

Patricia and Wallace Scobie are preparing to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend in the company of many of their friends and family.

Real lives: Jessie takes to high seas to celebrate her 100th

Jessie Malcolm, from Whitburn, has celebrated her 100th birthday by enjoying a luxury cruise with her family.

Real lives: All of life was a stage for the talented Mr Dunbar

ALAN Dunbar, a prominent athlete, sports reporter and drama enthusiast, has died at the age of 77.

Award celebrates root and branch successes

CAPITAL-based Professor David McKenzie has been presented with a prestigious award at the Scottish Agricultural College's (SAC) annual graduation ceremony.

Diamond couple share 60 years of great stories

ARCHIBALD and Frances Brown from Armadale have celebrated their diamond wedding.

Couple's diamond wedding despite some rough times

Alison and Angus McKenzie are preparing to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary - despite the marriage not getting off to an auspicious start.

Golden wedding is our triumph over adversity

DREW and Morag McFarlane have celebrated their golden wedding and helped raise cash for a good cause.

'Legendary' doctor was perfect tonic for patients

LINKS Medical Centre in Leith lost one of its most beloved faces this month as Dr Simon Trotter retired after 32 years of loyal service.

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