Model's rabies fear after cat attack

FORMER model Samantha Fox yesterday warned of the health dangers of travel after revealing she had been bitten by a "crazy cat" in Thailand.

Britain can delay EU pet-passport rules

THE UK can keep extra-tough rabies controls on imported pets for another 18 months, MEPs agreed yesterday.

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Bill Gates throws £6m lifeline to Scots team fighting rabies killer

PIONEERING Scots researchers have secured a £6 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help save the lives of more than 100 children a day from rabies.

Rabies warning

BRITISH tourists are being urged to be on their guard after a case of rabies was confirmed in France.

'Rabid' monkey shot dead

A QUARANTINED monkey was shot dead after escaping from its cage in Edinburgh Zoo.

Rabies could be wiped out within a decade

RABIES could be wiped out globally within a decade if sufficient vaccination programmes are carried out, experts at Edinburgh University said yesterday.

City scientists spearhead campaign to wipe out rabies for good

EXPERTS at Edinburgh University today said rabies could be wiped out across the world within a decade if sufficient vaccination programmes are carried out.

UK set to relax tough rabies laws

RESTRICTIONS on holidaymakers wanting to take their pets out of the country may be too harsh, senior government scientists admitted yesterday.

Rabies researchers to kill 50 bats

PROTECTED wild bats are to be captured in the UK and sent to Germany where they will be killed for research into rabies.

City team steps up dog jabs in bid to save thousands from killer rabies

A VACCINATION programme led by city experts which aims to immunise dogs against the killer disease rabies is set to be expanded in a bid to save thousands of lives worldwide.

Rabid vampire bats kill 23 people after rainforest exodus

RABID vampire bats killed 23 people and bit more than 1,000 when they attacked residents in their homes at night, officials in Brazil confirmed yesterday.

Rabies warning after dog bite proves fatal for British tourist

TRAVELLERS were today urged to get a rabies jab and avoid animals while on holiday following the death of a British woman from the infection.

Rabies kills holiday Briton after she was bitten by dog

A WOMAN who was bitten by a dog on her holiday has died from rabies, health officials confirmed yesterday.

Airline in doghouse after pet sparks rabies scare

AN airline has been fined for allowing a dog owner to fly into Edinburgh with her pet in a basket on her lap.

Rabies fears prompts fox crackdown

SCIENTISTS fear rabies is once again threatening western Europe.

Rabies-tainted transplant claims second victim

A MAN who received a kidney from a woman who was infected with rabies died yesterday, a German hospital said, the second death of a patient given one of the donor’s organs.

Unvaccinated rabies victim 'lucky' to live

AN AMERICAN teenager who became the first person known to survive rabies without a vaccination went home at the weekend after nearly 11 weeks in hospital.

Last-ditch treatment saves dying girl and may be a cure for rabies

DOCTORS have for the first time successfully treated a patient with a usually fatal case of rabies by using a new combination of drugs.

Bat in town had rabies

A BAT found in an alley has tested positive for a strain of rabies which can also infect animals and people, officials said.

Rabies victim bit nurses in despair

A DISTURBING insight into the final days of the first Briton to die from rabies in 100 years was revealed yesterday by the doctor who fought for more than a week to save David McRae.

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