Queen's speech

Queen's speech

Queen's Speech: Age of austerity kicks off with a bejewelled event

THE dawn of a new age of austerity was celebrated yesterday with dazzling jewellery, tiaras the size of fireguards and almost enough ermine to plug Britain's economic black hole.

Leaked Queen's Speech outlines 21 bills

PRIME Minister David Cameron's new coalition government will use its first Queen's Speech to set out an ambitious 18-month programme of at least 21 parliamentary bills.

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War and recession – some years 'best forgotten'

THE Queen yesterday paid a moving tribute to the 106 servicemen who have been killed this year while serving in Afghanistan – the heaviest death toll since the conflict began eight years ago.

Gordon Brown eyes election battle with 'populist' Queen's Speech

THE Government unveiled its final legislative package before the general election today, with pledges to help the neediest pensioners and crack down on excesses in the financial sector.

Queen will highlight unselfish service

THE Queen's Christmas message tomorrow will pay tribute to those who have led unselfish lives in the service of others.

Queen's Speech: Government to get tough on banks

A RANGE of measures to strengthen regulation of the crisis-hit UK banking sector were outlined in the Queen's Speech today.

Ross Lydall: Queen's Speech will give king of Fife a chance to stand tall

I AM looking forward to today. Black Rod has allocated 18 tickets to the media to watch the Queen's Speech, and I've got one. Like the Prime Minister, I'll watch proceedings from the opposite end of the House of Lords to the throne. Unlike Mr Brown, I get a seat. But he's got the trump card. He gets to decide what the Queen says.

Queen's Speech set to focus on child poverty fight

AN ASSAULT on child poverty will form the centrepiece of today's Queen's Speech, The Scotsman understands.

Queen shows vain celebrities a thing or two about facing the cameras

VAIN celebrities take note, the Queen has shunned the special make-up tricks which stars opt for in an attempt to hide their creases from high-definition TV cameras.

One watches one's own Christmas speech to see if one's message got across

THE Queen sometimes watches her own Christmas speech alone on Christmas Day to see if comes across in the right way, the Duke of York has revealed.

Queen's Speech 'will raise school age to 18'

MINISTERS are set to raise the school leaving age in England to 18, triggering another devolution flashpoint with Scotland, where the legal age is to remain at 16.

The Queen's Speech charade

THE proverbial Martian arriving on Earth and listening to the Queen's Speech yesterday would be forgiven for thinking it was a political event of major importance.

Blair makes final Queen's Speech

TONY Blair yesterday offered the clearest sign yet that he will endorse Gordon Brown as his "heavyweight" successor, even as he set out the laws he hopes to pass during his last few months in office.

Policies set out but focus on the future

EACH Queen's Speech is supposed to define the political future, stamping the government's vision firmly on the country. Yesterday's did little more than mark time, promising a distinctly insubstantial string of familiar-sounding bills as Tony Blair continues his slide into retirement.

War on terror and organised crime head Queen's Speech

TONY BLAIR today put the war against terror and organised crime, tackling climate change and pension reform at the centre of his final Queen's Speech.

Queen's speech will hail ready humanitarian spirit in chaos

THE Queen's Christmas speech this year will praise the generous humanitarian response shown to those affected by natural disasters and acts of terrorism.

Is Mr Blair really listening?

THE Queen’s Speech revealed all that is positive and all that is negative in Mr Blair’s approach to politics. Unfortunately, the balance was too far towards the negative.

Memories of her mother as Parliament opens

HER Majesty the Queen yesterday formally opened Parliament for the last time before the general election.

Howard: Labour's run out of ideas

MICHAEL Howard yesterday dismissed the Queen’s Speech as the product of an exhausted and divided government which had "run of ideas, run out of money and run out of time."

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