Queen's parliament visit

Queen's parliament visit

Snub for Queen as 48 MSPs miss her speech

MSPs have been branded "dishonourable" after almost 50 of them snubbed the Queen and stayed away from the parliament's tenth birthday celebrations.

Royal address to mark start of celebration

THE Queen will address the Scottish Parliament during an event to mark the start of this year's Royal Week.

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Holyrood probe after firearms swoop

A POLICE probe was continuing today after a firearms swoop beside the Forth Road Bridge the morning that the Queen opened the Scottish Parliament.

Take a stand and debate royal role

THE row over the boycott of the Queen’s visit to the second Scottish Parliament today by a number of MSPs has been as shallow as it has been predictable.

Labour in move to stop Queen boycott

LABOUR chiefs today issued a three-line whip to make sure their MSPs turned up for the Queen’s visit to the Scottish Parliament.

Snub to Queen shows how illogical these MSPs are

THE 50th anniversary supplements have been printed. The television specials have rebroadcast the grainy footage of the young Queen. The Daily Telegraph has republished Constance Spry’s original recipe for coronation chicken and the rest of us are experiencing a disorientating sense of déjà vu. We appear to be stuck in groundhog week. Didn’t all this happen last year?

Right Royal row: History of protest at monarchy

THE maverick former Labour MP, Willie Hamilton, became notorious for his staunchly anti-monarchist views and his outspoken criticism of the Royal Family.

MSPs to boycott Queen's Parliament visit

AS MANY as one in six MSPs could boycott the Queen’s address to the Scottish Parliament - just a day after celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of her coronation. Around 20 MSPs are expected to stay away from the state occasion - at the beginning of the Parliament’s second session - because they don’t agree with the monarchy’s role in democratic politics.

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