Queen captured on canvas

Queen captured on canvas

Rolf Harris to paint Queen's 80th birthday portrait

AUSTRALIAN entertainer Rolf Harris is to paint a portrait of the Queen to celebrate her 80th birthday, it was announced yesterday.

No concessions to Majesty

THE first thing you have to say is it is classic Freud - he’s made absolutely no concessions to the fact he’s painting the Queen, so there’s no flattery, no smoothing over the effects of time.

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The Queen and Mr Freud

THE art of the portrait painter is to give us not just a likeness of the sitter, which any mere photograph can do, but to reveal something deeper of the character of the person we behold.

Painting the beautiful - but it will be a warts-and-all image

LUCIAN Freud is known for an uncompromising eye and a portrayal of women as slack of flesh, wrinkled in age, highlighting their imperfections.

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