Putin's state visit

Putin's state visit

Putin makes his mark in Siberia

PEOPLE in Siberia are showing an unusual level of appreciation for Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Capital offence

WHEN Vladimir Putin came to this country he met Scotland’s First Minister Jack McConnell and addressed some of Scotland’s great and good at the Signet Library.

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Putin's visit to city costs police £17,000

RUSSIAN president Vladimir Putin’s one-day trip to Scotland cost Lothian and Borders Police more than £17,000 and took up over 1100 hours of the force’s time.

City man protests at Putin's visit

A PROTESTER threw himself in front of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s car as he drove to Holyrood Palace during his groundbreaking visit to the Capital.

From Russia with praise - a VIP tourist

THE Russian president, Vladimir Putin, became the most powerful world leader to visit Scotland since devolution yesterday when he toured the sights of Edinburgh and gave a speech praising the links between the two countries.

Putin's visit: A coup for Scotland

VLADIMIR Putin yesterday comprehensively shed any lingering image of the dour KGB bureaucrat ill at ease with a crowd.

Another thing

PRESIDENT Putin will visit Edinburgh today, and will spend time perusing a show of decorative art which is inextricably linked with the doomed Russian monarchy.

Putin in historic visit to Britain

VLADIMIR Putin, the former KGB chief who transformed himself into the Russian president, arrived in Britain yesterday for a state visit that includes a trip to Scotland today.

McConnell hails Putin's Capital visit

RUSSIAN president Vladimir Putin’s historic visit to Edinburgh was hailed today by Jack McConnell as an unique opportunity to promote Scotland.

Capital set for Russian leader's historic visit

VLADIMIR Putin will arrive in Edinburgh tomorrow for what will be the first visit to Scotland by a serving Russian leader.

Security alert as Putin flight times put on internet

A SECURITY alert has been sparked over Russian president Vladimir Putin’s visit to Edinburgh tomorrow. An inquiry is underway after sensitive details of his arrival at the Capital’s airport were posted on the internet.

Putin at the mercy of the Mob

WHEN Vladimir Putin makes his historic visit to Britain this week he will be accorded honours denied even to Tsar Alexander II, the last Russian leader to visit these shores.

Final details of Russian leader's visit are revealed

DETAILS of the visit by Russian leader Vladimir Putin to Edinburgh have been officially announced.

Power, Putin and Scotland

‘Nice Palace." So George Bush declared when he walked for the first time into the Catherine Palace, at Tsarskoye Selo, in the suburbs of St Petersburg, for talks with the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, last November.

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