Kerb-crawling crime doubles in two years

THE number of men charged by police after trawling the Capital's streets for prostitutes has almost doubled in two years, new figures show.

Health project to extend to prostitutes

A SCHEME which has tackled health inequalities among homeless people in Edinburgh is to extend its remit to help prostitutes.

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Calls for sex sauna ban to end the 'cycle of abuse'

THE city's deputy leader today defended Edinburgh's system of licensed saunas amid calls to close down those where sex is being sold.

Hotel 'will not tolerate prostitution'

THE Balmoral Hotel says it takes a "zero tolerance" approach to prostitution after the News revealed high-class call girls were using its rooms.

Sex in the City: Vice girl reveals why she still walks the streets

DRESSED in black netted tights, her flimsy coat pulled tightly around her face, a frail-looking woman steps gingerly over patches of ice in a towering pair of leopard-print high heels.

Sex for sale at the Balmoral Hotel

HIGH-CLASS prostitutes are secretly selling sex in the Balmoral Hotel because it is one of the safest places in Edinburgh to meet clients, an Evening News investigation can reveal.

In depth: Vice girl reveals all about her career

Every morning, Laura Lee wakes up, takes a shower and makes her ten-year-old daughter breakfast. She puts on a smart suit, grabs her briefcase and enjoys a brisk walk to work. Her first meeting with an important client is scheduled for 9am.

Prostitution - 'We prefer it to operate in dark corners'

BY its very nature, the sex industry is a mystery to the majority of people - those who don't engage with it, never mind work in it or use its services.

Trafficking campaigners call for laws to target men who buy sex

THE head of a Scottish charity supporting victims of human trafficking has called for new laws targeting men who purchase sex after seeing a steep rise in referrals of women brought to Scotland to work as sex slaves.

MP launches bid to outlaw prostitution

NEW plans to criminalise prostitution will be launched in the autumn, following a consultation with relevant groups on how to tackle "the oldest profession in the world".

New York mafia clan accused of running an underage sex ring

ONE of America's most notorious mafia clans has been accused of running a paedophile prostitution ring.

MSPs decide to keep prostitution legal

A BID to introduce sweeping new laws criminalising all aspects of prostitution has been defeated in the Scottish Parliament.

MSPs warned new laws on prostitution will drive it underground

LABOUR proposals to clamp down on prostitution through new legislation could drive the sex trade further underground, MSPs have heard.

Mother ran 'busy and successful' brothel

A 48-year-old mother was found guilty at Southwark Crown Court, London, yesterday of making thousands of pounds a night by running a "busy and successful" brothel.

Woman fined after using flat as brothel

A WOMAN who ran a brothel in Inverness escaped with a £300 fine yesterday.

Job-hunting ex-prostitutes should be free to hide record

FORMER prostitutes should not have to disclose their spent convictions for sex work when applying for jobs, a Holyrood committee said yesterday.

Should vice laws be tightened?

YES SAYS Councillor James Coleman, depute leader of Glasgow City Council

No tolerance as punters face jail for buying sex

SCOTLAND'S most powerful local authority yesterday led calls for a zero tolerance approach to prostitution with the launch of a campaign to criminalise the purchase of sex.

Tale of two cities' approach to vice

THE zero tolerance approach to prostitution outlined by Glasgow City Council yesterday is not one shared by other local authorities in Scotland, where traditionally, the emphasis has been on harm-reduction.

Heaven or Belle?

HERE'S no doubt that Dr Brooke Magnanti took a risk when she revealed herself to be Belle De Jour, author of a blog and book The Intimate Adventures of A London Call Girl, whose revelations inspired outrage, controversy and titillation in equal measure and fuelled endless speculation as to its veracity.

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