Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Puppet-master genes key to fighting prostate cancer

SCOTTISH scientists have discovered "puppet-master" genes involved in the development of prostate cancer which could help lead to new treatments.

Prostate cancer gene links identified

The discovery of new genes linked to prostate cancer could help calculate men's risk of developing the disease, experts have revealed.

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New scan will show exactly when prostate cancer becomes a killer

AN ADVANCED type of body scan could help doctors decide when men with slow-growing prostate cancer need treatment, it was revealed yesterday.

Over 50s urged to have test for prostate cancer

ANDREW Lloyd-Webber has called for all men over the age of 50 to have a test that can help diagnose the cancer he suffered from.

Interview: Bruce Tasker, Alan Anderson and Gordon Kirk on their battles with cancer and raising money for charity

Next Saturday morning, if you happen to be in the south west Highlands, you might just spot a swathe of 800 cyclists peeling away from the foot of Ben Nevis.

Poorer men get less cancer treatment

MEN from poorer parts of the UK are far less likely to receive curative treatment for prostate cancer than those from better-off areas.

Prostate test stress warning

DOCTORS should warn men that prostate cancer testing may lead to anxiety and distress, Cancer Research UK experts said.

Scots cancer treatment targets met – but 'postcode lottery' still exists

THE NHS in Scotland is hitting its target for speeding up access to cancer treatment, but variations persist across the country.

Prostate cancer link-up

TWO charities have linked up to support men with prostate cancer and their families.

Prostate cancer hope as scientists develop new antibody

A MOLECULE has been discovered that offers the hope of saving men with currently incurable prostate cancer.

Genes breakthrough offers new hope in prostate cancer fight

NEW tests and treatments for prostate cancer could be on the horizon after the discovery of genetic code variants that triple the chances of developing the disease.

Professor offers up recipes to beat cancer

A NEW prostate care cookbook could help men to avoid getting cancer, it has been claimed.

Virus could cause prostate cancer, says new research

A VACCINE against prostate cancer has moved a step closer after scientists discovered the disease may be caused by a virus.

Monkhouse lives on in his tweets for cancer charity

A PROSTATE cancer charity is calling on people to sign up to the twitterings of the late comedian Bob Monkhouse, who has been brought back to life as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the disease.

Men face 'two-tier system' in access to cancer test

MEN are facing a "two-tier" system of access to a test than can indicate prostate cancer, a health charity has warned.

Secret wait for cancer patients

CANCER patients are still waiting as long as a year to get life-saving hospital treatment, despite ministers' claims waiting time targets are being met.

Soundwaves may ease the side-effects of treatment for prostate cancer

MEN with early prostate cancer could soon be treated with soundwave technology instead of surgery.

Dying patients recover in drug trial

TWO men who were dying from advanced prostate cancer have made dramatic recoveries after taking a groundbreaking drug.

All men may be screened in fight against prostate cancer

MEN in Britain may be routinely screened for prostate cancer after new research suggested it could save thousands of lives.

Prostate cancer link to strong sex drive

MEN who are "very" sexually active in their 20s and 30s are more likely to develop prostate cancer, scientists said yesterday.

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