Private Jessica Lynch

Private Jessica Lynch

America sees Iraqi video of injured Private Lynch

IRAQI state television shot graphic video footage of Private Jessica Lynch and another badly injured soldier following an ambush on their convoy, a report said.

Lynch fought Iraqi doctors

JESSICA Lynch, the former prisoner of war who became a national heroine in the United States, screamed and struggled with Iraqi doctors trying to anaesthetise her after one of them said they were going to amputate her leg, according to excerpts from her soon-to-be-released authorised biography.

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Iraqis 'raped Pte Jessica'

FORMER prisoner-of-war Jessica Lynch was raped by Iraqi captors, a new authorised biography of the US Army supply clerk says.

Private Lynch: I was raped by Iraqi captors

THE rescued soldier Private Jessica Lynch has revealed in her new book that she was raped by her Iraqi captors, it was reported yesterday.

War story is sold for $1m

FORMER prisoner of war Jessica Lynch has signed a $1 million publishing deal for her own story.

Saving of Private Jessica earns her $1m book deal

THE young soldier whose capture and rescue won the hearts of Americans has secured a $1 million book deal to tell her story.

Private Jessica quits army

FORMER prisoner of war Jessica Lynch, hailed as a hero by the American media after special forces rescued her from an Iraqi hospital, has been honourably discharged from the United States army.

Veteran correspondent attacks war rescue 'stunt'

THE BBC’S veteran war correspondent Kate Adie described the rescue of US soldier Jessica Lynch during the recent Gulf war as a "charade" that proved attitudes towards women in the military were still outdated.

Rescued GI Jessica home to a hero's welcome

AFTER nearly four months in a military hospital, Private Jessica Lynch finally returned home yesterday.

The truth and Private Lynch

It was the human interest story of the war, the daring rescue of a young, blonde US girl soldier from under the noses of the Iraqi forces. "America doesn’t leave its heroes behind, it never has, it never will," one US official said, and they proved it.

The myth of Private Jessica

IT WAS one of America’s greatest tales of modern war heroism. Pentagon top brass and even the United States president, George Bush, heaped plaudits on Private Jessica Lynch, 20, following her barnstorming rescue from the enemy’s clutches by a US special operations unit, making the petite blonde the Iraq war’s most celebrated soldier.

Will Saving Private Lynch have a happy ending?

IT’S just as well women in the US military are sent into the thick of the action. People may argue that they lack physical strength, are emotionally unstable or distract their male counterparts in the heat of battle: but there’s nothing like a pretty young private plucked from the jaws of death to push images of screaming Iraqi children off the front pages.

Freed US private 'fought to the last bullet' to avoid being captured

A SUPPLY clerk with only basic military training, Jessica Lynch was never meant to see combat. The soldier, who enlisted to fund her dream of becoming a teacher, was with the 507th maintenance unit providing supplies, equipment and repairs to United States’ front-line divisions and so was only lightly armed.

Daring rescue raises hopes for captured soldiers

IT HAD been a harrowing ten days. But in the close-knit farming community of Palestine, West Virginia, the friends and family of missing Private Jessica Lynch, 19, never gave up hope that, against all the odds, she would be safe.

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