Privacy laws

Privacy laws

Platform: Tricky balancing act between right to know and right to privacy

GOOGLE Street View, the controversial mapping service that has stirred some resentment, allows individuals to view 360-degree images of the road outside any address on virtually any street in 25 UK cities.

Google Street View images removed after privacy complaints

SCORES of pictures were removed from Google's controversial new mapping application today after a glut of privacy complaints.

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Google Street View - an invasion of privacy?

IT HAS already revolutionised the way we search for information, find images or plan routes, but now Google has gone all Big Brother on us, with the launch yesterday of Google Street View in the UK, a service that allows you to view 360-degree images of the road outside any address on virtually any street in one of 25 cities, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen.

You can't be camera shy now..

IT looks fairly innocent if a little odd, but Google's unmistakable camera cars have been causing a bit of a stir on the streets of Edinburgh.

CCTV: Does it actually work?

NEW fears have been raised over how effective CCTV cameras are in cutting crime after it emerged that only one in seven incidents caught on camera in Scotland was followed by an arrest at the scene.

Prince and the papers

A GLAMOROUS royal climbs into a waiting limousine with a high-profile lover. There are rumours of an engagement. Waiting paparazzi pounce, their flashlights illuminating their targets in the night. The couple speed away, pursued by a swarm of snap-happy photographers in cars and on motorbikes.

Diana's death left tabloid editor feeling responsible

THE editor of a tabloid newspaper said he felt "huge responsibility" for the accident that killed Diana, Princess of Wales.

Security fears prompt Kate to pull out of charity event

KATE Middleton has pulled out of a charity boat race due to security concerns surrounding media coverage of the event, organisers have confirmed.

JK Rowling fails in bid to bar press from using photo of son in buggy

JK ROWLING failed yesterday in a bid to block the media from using a paparazzi snap taken of her wheeling her two-year-old son along an Edinburgh street.

Red tape 'deters police spying'

POLICE forces are mounting fewer surveillance operations against suspected criminals because of red tape, a watchdog warned yesterday.

Use of subterfuge by journalists is closely controlled

THERE are some times when newspapers have to lie.

Prince's girlfriend settles with paper

KATE Middleton, Prince William's girlfriend, has settled her complaint against the Daily Mirror alleging press harassment.

Tragedy no place for insensitivity or sensationalism

THE popular perception of journalists is that they are all heartless reptiles who would sell their own grandmothers to get the story. The cut-throat competitiveness of the industry and the constant contact with tragedy inure us to normal human feelings and mean that we are emotional cripples not suited for polite society, but destined to languish in the fourth estate.

Mirror sorry for Kate's picture

THE Daily Mirror yesterday admitted it had "got it wrong" after publishing a picture of Kate Middleton taken in circumstances that she said amounted to harassment.

Watchdog rejects Kelly's complaint

THE Press Complaints Commission has rejected a complaint by Ruth Kelly, the Communities Secretary, against the Daily Mirror.

Winslet wins apology over weight treatment story

KATE Winslet, an outspoken critic of what she sees as Hollywood's obsession with being skinny, has won an apology over claims that she visited a diet doctor.

Significant victory in quest for transparency in public affairs

IN THE past week, we have been given important judicial guidance on the extent to which officials' advice to ministers can be made public under freedom of information (FoI) laws.

News of the World editor quits as journalist is jailed for 4 months over royal phone-tap

THE editor of the News of the World, Andy Coulson, resigned last night after his royal editor, Clive Goodman, was jailed for four months for plotting to hack into royal aides' telephone messages.

'Some of the guys will stop at nothing today'

KATE MIDDLETON had a face like thunder. As she stepped out of her front door she was engulfed by a mass that resembled a huge living beast, whirring, clicking and flashing. It moved with her as she strode to her car. "Happy birthday, Kate," part of the creature called out.

After Diana, paparazzi in frame over Kate

IT WAS hardly the start to her birthday that Kate Middleton would have wanted. As Prince William's girlfriend left her Chelsea flat, she walked into a barrage of more than 30 photographers and five camera crews. While Ms Middleton, 25, is now used to life in the eye of the long lens, yesterday's scenes descended into a near scrum, reminiscent to some of Diana, Princess of Wales, when her relationship to Charles became clear.

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