Princess Margaret 1930-2002

Princess Margaret 1930-2002

Princess Margaret's treasures sell for up to hundred times estimate

FRANTIC bidding saw treasures from the late Princess Margaret's jewellery collection sell for as much as 100 times the asking price at auction yesterday.

Tiara looks to be jewel in crown of sale

MORE than 90 pieces of jewellery from the collection of the late Princess Margaret went on public display in the city for the first time today.

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Princess's jewellery to be shown in Edinburgh

IT is worth millions of pounds and was once owned by one of the most glamorous Royals.

Margaret sex scenes in TV drama

CHANNEL 4 is to screen a drama which depicts Princess Margaret engaging in graphic sex scenes and taking drugs.

Townsend proposal was no threat to Margaret's royal status

PRINCESS Margaret was promised she would be allowed to keep her title and Civil List allowance even if she had married her great love, Group Captain Peter Townsend, according to files made public today.

Margaret told to work harder or pay her own way

PRINCESS Margaret was warned by the prime minister Harold Macmillan to curb her excessive lifestyle and perform more public duties or face having to pay her own way, new documents have revealed.

Book claims Princess Margaret took drugs

A NEW biography of Princess Margaret which claims she snorted cocaine in the Rolling Stones’ dressing room and smoked marijuana has infuriated her family and prompted threats of legal action.

Princess reunited with father

THE ashes of Princess Margaret are to be placed alongside the remains of her father, the late King George VI, in his vault at Windsor Castle.

At the end, the real people’s princess

THERE couldn’t be a sharper contrast than that between the funeral of Princess Margaret yesterday, and the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, less than five years ago.

Princess Margaret cremated on anniversary of her father's funeral

AROUND 3,000 people gathered outside Windsor Castle yesterday to pay their last respects to Princess Margaret as members of the Royal Family and close friends gathered for a private funeral service.

'For her loyalty, energy and her love of life'

THE strains of a slow and haunting lament played by two Scottish pipers from the First Battalion Royal Highland Fusiliers filtered into the afternoon sunshine yesterday, marking the final journey of Princess Margaret as her coffin was driven past the waiting crowds outside Windsor Castle.

Ordeal carries echoes of 50 years ago

THE Queen Mother displayed her indomitable spirit yesterday as she paid her final respects to her daughter, 50 years to the day that she attended her husband’s funeral.

A poem for a Princess on day of funeral

A NEW "warts and all" poem in tribute to Princess Margaret was published today as members of the Royal family gathered at Windsor for her funeral.

The lord of discretion

As the Royal Family gathers for the funeral service of Princess Margaret this afternoon, one presence is likely to be most notable among them all. A diminutive figure, his dark, wavy hair now thinning, Lord Snowdon will slowly make his way, aided by a walking stick, into St George’s Chapel in Windsor to take his place among the senior Royals and pay his final respects, not just to a Princess but to the woman who was his first wife.

Royals gather for funeral

MEMBERS of the Royal Family and close friends of Princess Margaret are due to gather at Windsor Castle today to pay their final respects to the Queen’s sister.

Fordyce Maxwell: How many will shed tears over Margaret?

IT’S NOT easy being the Queen. The latest criticism of her is for returning to duty four days after the death of a sister who never let her own duty interfere seriously with life’s pleasures - if you count smoking and drinking yourself to death, being rude and objectionable at every opportunity and snubbing foe and friend alike as pleasures, that is.

Margaret to be cremated because burial ‘too gloomy’

PRINCESS Margaret wanted to be cremated because she found the alternative Royal burial ground "gloomy", a life-long friend said last night.

Princess Margaret to be cremated

PRINCESS Margaret is to be cremated on Friday, in a major departure from royal tradition, it emerged last night.

A love of the arts

IF THE Queen’s passion is for the greens and browns of the British countryside, Princess Margaret favoured the smell of grease-paint and the sound of an audience’s applause.

A truly modern Royal

It was some kind of fairytale.

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