Prince of Wales

Prince of Wales

Prince Charles has longest wait in line for throne

The Prince of Wales has become the longest serving heir apparent in British history.

Prince attacks climate sceptics

THE Prince of Wales warned yesterday against the pursuit of economic growth at the expense of the environment - and condemned climate change sceptics for their "corrosive" impact on public opinion.

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Prince Charles pays tribute to courage of Gurkhas

The Prince of Wales has paid tribute to Gurkha soldiers who were killed and horrifically injured in a hard-fought tour of Afghanistan.

Prince's eco-village to go ahead

THE first phase of a new sustainable Scottish village designed by Prince Charles has received planning permission.

Prince William: Held out against procession because he hated media

ACCORDING to Alastair Campbell, Prince William initially refused to talk to anyone about taking a role in his mother's funeral.

Why Prince William took his place behind his mother's coffin

Prince William was asked to walk behind his mother's coffin at the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, because of fears that his father, the Prince of Wales, might be attacked if he was alone, Alastair Campbell has claimed in extracts from his diaries.

Royals 'were facing both ways on the Nationalists'

Alastair Campbell believed that the Royal Family was "facing both ways" on the SNP and should have been more active in opposing Scottish nationalism, according to his new diaries.

Prince Charles won't waive the rules in his model village

WELCOME to your dream home, but please, if you must insist on installing a satellite dish, kindly keep it hidden from view, and ensure your house sign errs on the side of discretion. This is, after all, a neighbourhood fit for royalty.

Prince of Wales tells of traffic fears for his biker sons

The Prince of Wales has voiced his concerns about his sons riding motorbikes on busy roads.

Emma Cowing: how was Prince Charles put at such risk during protests and will police heads roll?

THE FOOTAGE is short and shocking. On a cold London night, a 1977 Rolls Royce Phantom VI creeps up Regent Street, the Prince of Wales's standard clearly visible on the roof.

Clive Fairweather: 'Rolls-Royce must have stuck out like a red rag'

LOOKING at the images of the battered royal Rolls-Royce after it had been kicked and spattered by a breakaway group of demonstrators in Whitehall, any security expert worth his or her salt would be shaking their head in total disbelief.

Police vow to hunt down royal attackers

THE head of Scotland Yard has promised a full criminal investigation into how rioters were able to attack Prince Charles' car during tuition fee protests in central London.

Prince Charles backs Climategate team

The Prince of Wales has spoken out in support of the scientists embroiled in the "Climategate" saga, describing their treatment as "appalling".

Question mark over Prince Charles's future role

THE Prince of Wales's suitability to be the future head of the Commonwealth was called into question by a senior official within the organisation, the Wikileaks releases have revealed.

Camilla could be Queen, claims Charles

HOT on the heels of the announcement of his son's engagement, the Prince of Wales has hinted he expects Camilla to become his queen.

The Prince's Trust Scotland awards: Celebrating achievement in the face of adversity

The Prince's Trust Scotland awards celebrate young people who have defied hardship to build a better future. Claire Black met some of this year's successes

Welcome to Heir-shire, Prince Charles' Scots vision

WHEN the Prince of Wales snapped up a derelict patch of land in East Ayrshire to create an ambitious luxury village community in the shadow of a crumbling country house estate, locals looked forward to an urban regeneration project to rival that of the his Poundbury development in the south of England.

Richard Murphy: Why does Charles have to buy fake architecture?

In SOME ways, this is a very good idea. I believe it is always a good idea to think about a total community in a sustainable way, but generally housebuilders in Scotland do nothing like that at all.

Prince Charles' grand design takes a knock as value of Ayrshire land falls

IT WAS always an ambitious project - even for the heir to the throne.

Prince's star guests for eco-festival

THE public were welcomed into the Prince of Wales's garden yesterday by a host of celebrities supporting an initiative to encourage sustainable living.

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