Pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy and birth

'I had this fantasy in my head'

AFTER giving birth at home while living in Australia, Leanne O'Donnell was keen to repeat the experience when having her second child in Scotland.

Mothers warn of cut in home births by stealth

MOTHERS have launched a defiant fight back over threats to home birth services which could deny women the choice of where to have their baby.

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Medical experts call for action on number of pregnancy-related deaths

Doctors are calling for action over the "worrying" number of women in the UK dying in pregnancy and shortly after delivery.

Scots experts decode biological clock and predict menopause

SCOTTISH academics have found a new method that may help women to beat the biological clock by predicting how long they have left to have a baby.

Why one mum waited till she was in her 30s to have baby

FIONA Pratt, a mother of four young children, had her first child in her early 30s

NHS Scotland employing fewer nurses and midwives

THE number of nurses and midwives employed by NHS Scotland has fallen by more than 700 since last autumn.

Mothers-to-be who sleep on right side 'risk stillbirth'

Women who sleep on their right side or back during late pregnancy could be at increased risk of stillbirth, research suggests.

Flu vaccine can cut premature births

Flu vaccinations can reduce the chances of women giving birth to small or premature babies.

Sexual health: Abortions down for the second year running

The number of abortions carried out in Scotland fell last year, figures show.

Big increase in abortions for over-40s

The number of women having abortions in their 40s has risen by nearly a third in the last ten years, research shows.

Coming to terms with miscarriage

Recent months have seen celebrities suffer the anguish of losing babies well into their pregnancies. Here, our reporter talks to two women who know what it's like to experience such heartbreak

Supplements 'reduce risk of pre-eclampsia'

Dietary supplements could prevent a dangerous complication of pregnancy, research has suggested.

Wealthier women more likely to be 'too posh to push'

WOMEN from affluent backgrounds are more likely to opt to have a Caesarean birth - supporting the "too posh to push" label, Scottish research shows.

Analysis: 'A decision not to be taken lightly'

THE decision to have a Caesarean section is not one that should be taken lightly. While we would want to promote choice for women, we consider that that choice should be based on up-to-date evidence and women have the right to access the research associated with any decisions they are faced with making.

Case study: 'My C-section was a horrific experience'

HAVING a Caesarean was so traumatic for new mum Pamela Anderson, she had to have counselling after the birth of her son Archie, now nine months.

Case study: 'I'm still not convinced surgery was necessary'

Sarah Nathan, 29, from Edinburgh, was disappointed at having to have a Caesarean during the birth of her son William, who is now nine months old.

Heart disease drugs could be used to save babies in the womb

CHOLESTEROL-lowering drugs used to prevent heart disease in middle-aged men could prevent the baby-killer condition pre-eclampsia, Scottish scientists said yesterday.

Diet in pregnancy can cause child to be obese in later life

SCIENTISTS have discovered for the first time that a mother's nutrition during pregnancy can alter her child's DNA and cause obesity in later life.

'National scandal' as 11 babies stillborn in Britain every day

BRITAIN'S record of stillbirths was condemned as a "national scandal" yesterday after it was shown to be one of the worst in the developed world.

Mouthpiece: Natural help with conception

Fertility problems can be stressful and upsetting

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