Power cuts

Power cuts

Experts warn of power cuts as warm, dry weather creates a blow for wind turbine energy

POWER cuts could hit Scotland this summer because of dry weather, experts have warned.

Darker days ahead for Italy as demand outstrips supply

AS THE lights began to come back on in Italy yesterday, politicians moved swiftly to promise the construction of 20 new power-generating plants in an attempt to forestall criticism of the country’s ailing power network.

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Who turned the lights out on Italy?

IN HIS darkened café in Rome, manager Massimo Purifacato was at his wits end. "All the ice creams are melting. It’s a disaster," he moaned. Without an espresso machine and the ability to make croissants, he couldn’t keep a customer in the place. He was not alone.

Fear of new power cuts

AMERICANS and Canadians hit by power blackouts were today bracing themselves for more problems amid fears that the surge in demand as people return to work after the weekend could strain the power grid.

Power failure brings back the terror

AS THE biggest power cut in history rolled across a vast swathe of the northern United States and southern Canada, office workers in New York, Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto spilled out on to the streets in fear of their lives.

Britain in danger of blackout mayhem

A GOVERNMENT energy adviser warned last night that Britain could suffer a catastrophic blackout similar to that which hit North America on Thursday as early as this winter.

Power cut chaos hits millions in North America

MILLIONS of people across the north-eastern United States and Canada were plunged into confusion and chaos last night after a huge power cut.

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