Politicians' pay

Politicians' pay

Cameron forces his shadow cabinet to give up 'millionaires' row' jobs

MEMBERS of David Cameron's shadow cabinet earn half a million pounds between them on top of their parliamentary salaries, it was disclosed yesterday, as he ordered them to give up their second jobs by the end of the year.

Salmond U-turn on pay rise 'hypocrisy'

ALEX Salmond is to donate all his pay increase as a Westminster MP to charity after he was accused of hypocrisy for taking the rise while his ministers accept a wage freeze.

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Politicians' expenses: 'MSPs should not blatantly profiteer'

IT is encouraging to see Sir Alan Langlands recommending major changes to the runaway Holyrood gravy train that has become MSPs allowances.

Call to scrap use of public cash to help MSPs to buy homes in city

THE controversial scheme which helps some MSPs buy homes in the Scottish capital at the public's expense should be scrapped, a review body said yesterday.

Anti-sleaze MP slams ministerial homes deal

AN MP has called for a crackdown on Cabinet Ministers who get grace-and-favour homes in the capital but are still able to claim expenses to keep up their second homes.

Salmond pension perk faces axe

HENRY McLeish and Jack McConnell will be laughing all the way to the bank. MSPs are set to axe one of the biggest perks of leaving Bute House: the £38,000-a-year pension enjoyed by former First Ministers from the moment they leave office.

Brown tells MPs to vote for a pay rise below inflation

GORDON Brown is urging MPs to reject an inflation-busting pay rise and instead fall into line with more modest settlements for public servants.

MPs set to give up right to vote for their own pay rises

THE House of Commons is set to give up the right to vote through MPs' pay rises – and the move could ensure them a heftier pay package.

MPs must set example with 1.9% pay rise, insists Brown

GORDON Brown yesterday told MPs that they would have to settle for a pay rise of below 2 per cent to set an example to public-sector workers facing the same squeeze.

Commons set to pave way for MSPs' £5,000 pay rise

MSPs are in line for a bumper pay rise of more than £5,000 over three years – thanks to their Westminster colleagues.

Mather to keep control of shares

JIM Mather, the Holyrood enterprise minister, will not put his shares, currently worth around £350,000, into a "blind trust" despite concerns over a potential conflict of interest.

£1.1m pay-off bill for ex-MSPs

POLITICIANS who quit or lost their seats at this year's Holyrood elections have received more than £1.1 million in pay offs from the taxpayer.

Lothians MSPs call for more cash to employ support staff

LOTHIANS MSPs are calling for the inquiry into Scottish Parliament allowances to award them more cash to do their job and employ extra staff.

Calls to scrap MSP mortgage allowance

PRESSURE was growing yesterday to scrap the Edinburgh accommodation allowance after it was revealed ten former MSPs could gain more than £1 million from the scheme.

Call to change rules on MSP expenses to restore confidence

GEORGE Reid, Holyrood's Presiding Officer yesterday called for a "radical" overhaul of MSPs' expenses, claiming the

Politicians facing 'pay cut'

POLITICIANS at Westminster and Holyrood have been made to share the pain with public sector workers after they were effectively given a pay cut.

Four cases of Tennent's among McConnell's official gifts

JACK McConnell, the First Minister, received more than 100 gifts in 2005 - including an elephant statue and four cases of Tennent's Lager.

Anger over MPs' call for salary rise to £100,000

PUBLIC service unions reacted angrily yesterday to claims that MPs are pushing for a pay rise of up to 66 per cent to take their salaries to £100,000 a year.

MPs want £100,000 pay deal

MPS are pushing for a pay hike of up to 66% to take their salaries to £100,000 a year, it was reported last night.

PM stands by his deputy as Cameron raises questions over salary and perks

TONY Blair defended beleaguered John Prescott yesterday, after David Cameron cast aside the Conservatives' reluctance to attack the Deputy Prime Minister over his personal crisis.

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