Politicians' expenses

Politicians' expenses

Two peers to be suspended from House of Lords over expenses fraud

EXPENSES cheats Lord Taylor of Warwick and Lord Hanningfield were suspended from the House of Lords yesterday.

Taxpayers fork out £27,000 so MSP's relative can get taxis to dance school

The teenage relative of an MSP has been awarded a £27,000 grant for taxi fares to attend Scotland's national dance school 20 miles from her home.

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MPs' expenses watchdog quits after secrecy dispute

THE Commons expenses watchdog has quit, after coming under fire for refusing to name MPs being investigated for making dubious claims.

Anger as expenses cheat MP Jim Devine is freed from jail

THE release of expenses cheat MP Jim Devine after serving only a quarter of his sentence has been met with anger by campaigners.

Jailed expenses cheat Jim Devine free after just a quarter of sentence is served

EXPENSES cheat MP Jim Devine was released from prison today after serving just a quarter of his sentence, sources said.

Scots Labour MPs among highest expenses claimers

TWO of Scottish Labour MPs racked up some of the highest expenses claims at the House of Commons during the last year, after charging for huge travel and staffing bills.

Expense fiddling Tory peer loses appeal

A FORMER Tory peer jailed after being found guilty of fiddling his parliamentary expenses lost an appeal against his conviction yesterday.

MSP owns five homes in Edinburgh but claims £13,000 for hotel stays

A LIBERAL Democrat MSP has come under fire for claiming thousands of pounds for hotel stays in Edinburgh.

Jim Devine claims fair trial is impossible in internet age

A SCOTTISH expenses cheat MP who carried on regardless in the face of public anger has complained from behind bars about the difficulties of getting a fair trial in the internet age.

Westminster bans jailed former MPs

FORMER MPs sentenced to a year or more in jail are to be stripped of their parliamentary passes.

Nick Clegg under fire for £1m office costs

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has been accused of wasting public money after revealing his private office costs more than £1 million to staff.

Expenses fraud MP in new £6,766 claim

Former Labour MP Eric Illsley was paid thousand of pounds in expenses after he pleaded guilty to fraud.

Peer jailed over false expenses claims but will keep Lords seat

A DISGRACED Tory peer has been jailed for 12 months for expenses fraud.

Tory peer and ex-pig farmer caught with his nose in expenses trough

A FORMER Tory peer has been found guilty of six counts of expenses fraud.

Tory peer 'assumed' right to full expenses

A CONSERVATIVE peer accused of expenses fraud said yesterday he believed he was entitled to the money because most other members of the House of Lords claimed the full amount available.

Elliot Morley gets 16 months to reflect on his own greed

FORMER Labour minister Elliot Morley was told he had "thrown away his good name and character" as he was sentenced for 16 months for fraudulently claiming thousands of pounds of false expenses.

Former MP Elliot Morley jailed over expense claims

DISGRACED former Labour MP Elliot Morley has been sentenced to 16 months imprisonment for making fraudulent expense claims.

Lords' expenses system was 'not clear'

There was "ambiguity" in expenses rules for peers, the chief of the House of Lords administration has admitted, with no need for members to provide proof of spending.

Peer accused of fraud 'out of pocket'

A TORY peer accused of fiddling his House of Lords expenses said he was "out of pocket" after taking on the peerage and had tried to balance out his expenditure using his expenses claims, a court heard.

Tory peer 'claimed for hotel - but was on plane to India'

A CONSERVATIVE peer accused of fiddling his House of Lords expenses was on a plane to India when he claimed for overnight accommodation in London, a court heard.

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