Political Funding

Political Funding

Review of government funding formula may put Scots cash at risk

THE new government plans to review the way it shares out money, in a move that could result in Scotland losing out, Whitehall sources have revealed.

Glasgow bans quangos from making political donations

GLASGOW City Council has banned its arm's-length firms from giving public money to political parties after Scotland on Sunday revealed one had ploughed thousands into Labour coffers.

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Labour party donor giving up non-dom status to pay full tax in UK

LABOUR donor Lord Paul yesterday said that he would give up his non-dom status and pay full tax in the UK.

'I don't pay full tax' – Tory funder Ashcroft comes clean after a decade

THE man who is believed to have bankrolled the Conservatives for decades has finally admitted he is not paying full taxes in the UK.

Holyrood body rules out party 'lunch' auctions

ALEX Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon were wrong to auction lunches at the Holyrood restaurant for party funds, Scottish Parliament authorities suggested last night.

Candidate defends 'cash for access' fundraising lunches

THE SNP candidate who stood to benefit from auctioned lunches with Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon has defended the fund-raising scheme.

Alex Salmond had sold off three more lunches

THE cash-for-access row surrounding First Minister Alex Salmond deepened last night when the SNP revealed he had agreed to attend a further three lunches at the Scottish Parliament in exchange for party donations.

Lunch auction 'a clear breach of rules' says ex-watchdog

PRESSURE mounted on First Minister Alex Salmond and his deputy Nicola Sturgeon last night when their plans to auction lunches were criticised by the former head of a sleaze watchdog.

Tories to investigate cash gifts

THE Tories said last night they would investigate claims that they had failed to declare the true sources of almost £40,000 in donations.

Donations-row MSP returns to Labour's front bench

THE Labour MSP whose actions helped to bring down Wendy Alexander as Scottish party leader has been handed a key job in its front-bench team.

Tax exiles' donations to political parties face £7,500 cap

TAX exiles are to be banned from donating large sums of money to political parties in a surprise move by the UK government.

MPs back ban on party donations from those who don't pay UK tax

A BID to ban political parties from accepting donations from individuals who avoid paying tax in Britain has gathered mass support among MPs, The Scotsman can reveal.

Alexander in the clear over leadership bid donations

WENDY Alexander, the Scottish Labour leader, will not be prosecuted for failing to register donations to her leadership campaign, it was announced yesterday.

Blair cash-for-honours discussions 'went unrecorded'

NO WRITTEN records have been kept about negotiations between 10 Downing Street and police over Tony Blair's cash-forhonours interviews, it emerged yesterday.

SNP dismisses 'absurd' Labour claims over donor

SCOTTISH ministers hit back last night over claims they had stepped in "inappropriately" to save a leading SNP donor's £80 million development.

Alexander won't face police or resignation calls, claims Browne

WENDY Alexander will not face a police investigation into the illegal donation received by her leadership campaign, Scottish Secretary Des Browne claimed.

Donations row minister is '100% honest'

ALAN Johnson insisted he had been "100 per cent honest" after becoming the latest Cabinet minister to be embroiled in a donations scandal.

Health minister received £3,000 in proxy donation

ANOTHER cabinet minister was at the centre of new questions over donations last night.

Browne expects no more resignations in donations row

CABINET minister Des Browne has predicted that no more high-profile Labour politicians will be forced to resign in the donations row.

Hain did not break code but inquiries will continue

PETER Hain, the under-fire Work and Pensions Secretary, has been cleared of breaking the ministerial code.

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