Political boundary review

Political boundary review

Outrage as boundary split protest ignored

COMMUNITY leaders today complained of a "democratic outrage" after 600 letters of protest over new boundaries were ignored.

All change for wards under vote reshuffle plan

A NEW boundary system has been put forward for next year's local government elections in Midlothian.

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New electoral revamp 'wipes Labour lead'

BOUNDARY changes in England could wipe out Labour's majority at the next election, new research has claimed.

Police chiefs open to idea of fewer Scots forces

CHIEF constables have signalled a willingness to look at cutting the number of police forces across Scotland.

Boundary changes row

PROPOSED new boundaries for Edinburgh’s next council elections in 2007 have sparked controversy.

Meeting to poll views on changes to voting

CAPITAL residents are to have their say on possible changes in the voting system.

Councils plot revolt over re-draw plan

ANGRY council leaders are threatening to hold referendums across Scotland in an effort to halt the Executive’s plan to re-draw the map of local government.

Tory's plan to cut MPs by a fifth

A PLAN to cut the number of MPs by a fifth, which will save taxpayers £25 million a year, has been drawn up a senior Conservative.

Boundaries commission will probe service woe

SCOTTISH Secretary Alistair Darling has promised that the Electoral Commission will examine the problems caused to services by different constituency boundaries at Holyrood and Westminster.

Boundary changes 'will stifle Scottish democracy'

LABOUR and the Tories were yesterday accused of trying to stifle the smaller parties in the Scottish Parliament after backing proposals to cut the number of MSPs elected by the list system.

Anger over new MP for Dalyell seat

LABOUR activists in Tam Dalyell’s Linlithgow constituency today hit out at party rules which they claim mean a new candidate will effectively be foisted upon them.

Boundary study brought forward

ALISTAIR Darling, the Scottish Secretary, is to bring forward a commission charged with investigating the implications of the Westminster and Holyrood boundary changes.

Plans to divide village going ahead

PLANS to divide a village into two separate constituencies will be pushed through, despite objections from local residents.

Brown in need of new seat

THE Boundary Commission confirmed yesterday that the post-devolution shake up of Scottish seats will lead to Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, losing his Dunfermline East constituency.

Darling announces Scottish cull to take place

ALISTAIR Darling last night stood firm in the face of mounting pressure from Labour back-benchers and insisted that the cull of Scottish constituencies would take place before the next election.

New boundary has MPs lining up for battle

NUMBER-CRUNCHERS in all the political parties have had their calculators out, trying to discover how the latest boundary change proposals for Edinburgh will affect their fortunes.

U-turn saves MPs cull

SCOTLAND’S most senior Labour MPs are set to get a stay of execution from the threat of losing their seats, days after members of the Scottish parliament were saved from a similar cull, it was claimed last night.

Making up the numbers

IT IS normally a place for restrained discussion, but last Wednesday evening Scotland’s Labour MPs had transformed Westminster’s Committee Room 12 into a bear-pit.

Piecing together the political jigsaw

IT’S like a game of political jigsaw - putting together Edinburgh’s 58 council wards in the best combination to make up five equal-sized parliamentary constituencies.

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