Poles in Scotland

Poles in Scotland

Translations soar for Polish patients

NEARLY 13,000 hours were spent translating health information into Polish in Edinburgh last year as the region's bill for interpreters soared.

Scottish Poles join a grieving nation in paying tribute to air crash victims

HUNDREDS of mourners from the Polish community in Scotland were united in grief at memorial services held in Edinburgh and Glasgow this weekend to mourn the tragic death of the Polish president.

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You parliamo Glasgow? Bus driver learns Polish to teach workmates the local lingo

IT IS Glasgow's unique tongue – unintelligible to many native English speakers, let alone the city's burgeoning population of east European immigrants.

Following yonder star: A Polish Christmas

THE Christmas trees are elaborately decorated, the table set with the traditional white cloth – an additional place set for the unexpected guest, the Krakow crib glistens in the candlelight, the piernik honey cake is adorned with almonds and crystallised fruit. All the Brodzinskis need now is a solitary star…

Kto ky jestes! Stirling Moss? Poles are warned on flouting drink drive laws

POLICE forces in Scotland have reissued their annual drink-drive warnings – this time in Polish.

Waitresses are Poles apart as staff uniforms slim down

BARS and restaurants across the Capital have been forced to order in more "size zero" uniforms after hiring hundreds of slim Polish staff.

Parking rules are Poles apart

IT is an example of the power of diplomacy.

Back on the Bloc

Young Poles have come to Scotland in their thousands with the promise of a better life. Now, after only a few years, many are moving on. So where does that leave us?

Poles ready for a Euro 2008 party

With Scotland failing to reach the European Championship, Capital fans are saying Do Bo Jupolsko.

'Prejudiced' neighbours make false claims against migrants

EASTERN European migrants are being unfairly labelled as neighbours from hell in Edinburgh because of "ignorance and prejudice", support workers said today.

Polish migrant workers given block of flats to call their own

A HOUSING development aimed at migrant workers is set to be created in Edinburgh.

Polish sign says drinking banned in Leith park

SIGNS written in Polish warning people not to drink in public are set to be installed in a Leith park.

Polish speakers on course

A LOTHIANS college has launched an online languages course for the Polish community.

Racist thug filmed pals beating me up . . then he joined in

A POLISH man today told how he was kicked and punched for 20 minutes by a group of racist attackers as one of them filmed the violence on a mobile phone.

Race attackers hunted after assault on Pole

A POLISH man was assaulted in the city centre by three men in an unprovoked racially motivated attack, police said today.

Bilingual staff 'can halt Polish exodus'

A LACK of investment in bilingual school staff could force a "mass exodus" of Polish families – leaving a huge hole in the labour market and crippling the Scottish economy, it was claimed yesterday.

Polish incomers swell Good Friday congregations in city

MEMBERS of the Capital's Polish community helped swell numbers at services held across the city yesterday to mark Good Friday.

Poles' artistic welcome

THREE new billboards are to go on display in Leith in an artistic response to the wave of Polish workers coming to Edinburgh.

Immigrant influx: 'Time Holyrood met some of the bills involved'

SUCH is Scotland's worldwide reputation for friendliness and hospitality, it is not surprising that the bulk of migrant workers who have set up home, mainly from other European Union countries, have been welcomed with open arms.

Foreign language pupils put strain on Capital classrooms

THE NUMBER of Edinburgh school pupils who do not speak English as a first language is putting a strain on the city's schools, teachers have warned.

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