Polar adventurers

Polar adventurers

Teen mauled by bear was 'strong, fearless and kind'

THE family of a teenager killed by a polar bear while on holiday in Norway yesterday hailed him as a "strong, fearless and kind" boy.

Scots mountaineers face polar bear threat while stranded on Greenland trip

A TEAM of Scottish mountaineers had to be airlifted to safety after being stranded in polar bear country during an ill-fated climbing expedition.

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Chris Townsend: 'Adventures involve risk. With no risk there is no adventure'

THE tragic death of the British teenager in Norway will inevitably raise questions about whether adventure holidays in sometimes potentially dangerous situations for those who take part are worthwhile. The answer has to be yes.

Leader hailed hero after deadly polar bear attack

THE leader of the school party who tackled a killer polar bear was hailed for his bravery yesterday as organisers announced the expedition was being abandoned.

Dream trip turns into a nightmare

IN AN entry entitled "Sea Ice and Polar Bears!" in the expedition's blog on 27 July, Marcus Wright wrote:

The bear necessities for surviving an attack

IN GUIDELINES on polar bear encounters, the Auyuittuq National Park of Canada states that "good judgement, common sense, and familiarity with polar bear behaviour are required in all situations."

British schoolboy killed by polar bear

A 17-YEAR-OLD boy who was killed by a polar bear in northern Norway has been named by the British Schools Exploring Society as Horatio Chapple.

Brave Dunwoody first past the Pole

THE former jockey Richard Dunwoody has become the first person to reach the South Pole on a route which thwarted explorer Ernest Shackleton.

Cancer battler in fundraising drive for his polar mission

AN EDINBURGH man who plans to become the first cancer survivor to trek to the South Pole has launched a new fundraising drive as he prepares for the epic trip.

Briton creates history with sub-zero North Pole swim

A BRITISH adventurer yesterday braved sub-zero temperatures to become the first person to swim at the North Pole.

Amputating one's own fingers ... and how to succeed in the modern world

HE HAS walked from Pole to Pole, scaled the North Face of the Eiger despite a chronic fear of heights, run seven marathons in as many days and amputated his own fingertips in his tool shed while awaiting post-frostbite surgery.

Marines in British first after epic South Pole adventure

A FOUR-strong Royal Marines team has become the first British military unit to complete a return journey to the South Pole.

Marines make polar trek

A FOUR-strong Royal Marines team has become the first British military unit to complete a return journey to the South Pole.

Britons first to reach polar target on foot

THREE British men yesterday became the first people to reach one of the coldest places on earth on foot, after more than a month battling against brutal conditions in the Antarctic.

Scott's moving last letters to his wife

THE race to the South Pole was lost and Captain Robert Scott and his companions faced death in the worst weather the Antarctic could throw at them.

Campaign launched to preserve city links to Scott of the Antarctic

A CITY MP has mounted a campaign at Westminster to preserve the historic link between the Antarctic explorers and Edinburgh.

Explorers hail unsung polar hero, Queen's 'icon of the 20th century'

MANY of Britain's greatest living explorers gathered last night to honour the eminent polar pioneer Sir Wally Herbert.

Arctic 'suicide run' heroes pin on their honours with pride

WITH quiet dignity and palpable pride, ten veterans of the Arctic convoys yesterday accepted their long-overdue honour for bravery during the Second World War.

Convoy veterans finally honoured today

THEY sailed through a deadly gauntlet of ice and German steel on what Winston Churchill called the "suicide run".

A lifetime in snowbiz

PERHAPS appropriately for someone who has spent a lifetime heading off the beaten track, the man regarded by many as the greatest living polar explorer lives in Laggan, Inverness-shire, where one of General Wade's old roads winds off into the hills of Badenoch.

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