Planespotters trial

Planespotters trial

Plane spotters talk with MEPs

TWO of the plane spotters, Paul and Lesley Coppin, acquitted of spying in Greece were travelling to Strasbourg today to talk to MEPs about their year-long legal fight.

Planespotters cleared of spying charges

ELEVEN British planespotters who were found guilty on spying charges have had their convictions quashed on appeal in a Greek court.

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Plane-spotters case delay

THE APPEAL by a group of British plane-spotters found guilty of spying in Greece has been delayed until today.

UK plane-spotters' court appeal begins

THE British plane-spotters convicted of spying in Greece were today due in court at the start of their legal appeal.

VIP invite for plane spotters

A GROUP of 12 plane spotters convicted of spying charges in Greece are due to be special guests at an air show, it has emerged.

Convicted planespotters vow to fight on for justice

TWELVE British planespotters convicted of spying charges in Greece yesterday returned to Britain, vowing to clear their names.


LESLEY Coppin, a grandmother, had no interest in planes. She had only gone to Greece with her husband, Paul, the owner of club which organised the trip, to see ancient sites at the end of the holiday.

Appeal pledge by planespotters

A GROUP of plane spotters convicted of spying at a military air show in Greece were last night returning to Britain vowing to appeal jail sentences of up to three years.

Planespotters are jailed for spying

IT STARTED as something of a joke. Twelve British planespotters had been arrested by Greek authorities unable to come to terms with the concept of grown adults taking pleasure from writing down and collecting aircraft numbers. But as the 12 were jailed for between one and three years yesterday, no-one was laughing any more.

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