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Pitcairn sex abuse trial

Pitcairn sex abuse trial

Pitcairn pair to start jail term

TWO men convicted of sexually assaulting underage girls on the remote Pitcairn Island will begin prison terms there this weekend, a British official said today.

Pitcairn sex attackers facing prison after appeals rejected

SIX men from Pitcairn Island yesterday lost their appeals against convictions for a string of sex attacks dating back 40 years on the tiny and remote Pacific home of descendants of the HMS Bounty mutineers.

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Islanders lose abuse appeal

SIX men from Pitcairn Island lost Supreme Court appeals against their convictions for sex attacks dating back 40 years.

Pitcairn falls outside British law, islanders in sex abuse case claim

SIX men from remote Pitcairn Island yesterday launched a challenge to the British laws used to convict them last year of a string of sex abuse cases dating back as long as 40 years.

Baby bounty for Pitcairn

THE population of Pitcairn Island has nudged closer to 50 after the birth of just the second baby in almost 20 years.

Eighth Pitcairn Islander faces rape trial

A PITCAIRN islander accused of rape appeared before the island’s court in New Zealand today, becoming the eighth man from the famous refuge of the Bounty mutineers to face such allegations.

Islanders launch sex crimes fight

A GROUP of men convicted of sexual assaults on Britain’s South Pacific territory of Pitcairn have begun a challenge against their convictions.

Pitcairn plea for experts in sex cases

BRITAIN is advertising for two social workers to be based on Pitcairn Island in the Pacific, which was rocked last year by a sex abuse scandal.

Author backs sex islanders

BEST-SELLING author Colleen McCullough has branded the sex convictions of six Pitcairn Islanders "an absolute disgrace", saying they were merely following a Polynesian custom of having sex with young girls.

Pitcairn's mayor attacks sex crimes

PITCAIRN Island’s new mayor yesterday condemned the sex crimes that have divided her tiny Pacific community of descendants from HMS Bounty mutineers and urged islanders to put the past behind them.

Rapist's sister elected first woman mayor of Pitcairn isle

PITCAIRN Island has picked the sister of Steve Christian, a convicted rapist, to be the first woman mayor in its 214-year history.

Rapist's sister is made mayor

PITCAIRN Island has picked the sister of convicted rapist Steve Christian to be its first woman mayor in 214 years.

Four Pitcairn men guilty of rape

FOUR men were sentenced by a British court to up to six years in prison for raping underage girls on the remote South Pacific island of Pitcairn, officials said yesterday.

Island sex attackers jailed for up to six years

SIX men comprising half the adult males of Pitcairn Island were today sentenced for up to six years in prison for rapes and sex attacks dating back 40 years on the isolated Pacific home of the HMS Bounty mutineers.

Pitcairn sex crimes trials end with five found guilty

THE mayor of Pitcairn and his son were among five men found guilty yesterday of a series of rapes and sexual assaults against young girls on the island stretching back over four decades.

Islander sex trial adjourns

A PITCAIRN Island court hearing under-age sex and rape charges against relatives of 18th century Bounty mutineers adjourned today to give verdicts on Monday.

Pitcairn accused lawyers challenge trial process

LAWYERS defending seven Pitcairn Islands men against a string of sex charges have been granted the right to challenge the trial process before the Privy Council over whether British law applies to the remote islands.

Sex-case islanders win challenge right

LAWYERS defending seven Pitcairn islanders against a string of sex charges have been granted the right to challenge Britain’s jurisdiction over their remote South Pacific home.

Second islander admits sex assault

A SECOND Pitcairn Island man has pleaded guilty to child sex charges, admitting he indecently assaulted young girls as he gave them rides on his four-wheel motorbike around the isolated South Pacific island.

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