Grandmother, 58, is internet music pirate

A GRANDMOTHER who illegally downloaded more than £54,000 worth of music has become the first person in Scotland to be convicted of file-sharing.

Giant oil tanker hijacked as piracy 'spins out of control'

Suspected Somali pirates captured a US-bound tanker carrying around $200 million (£125m) worth of crude oil in the Indian Ocean yesterday, in one of the biggest hijackings in the area so far.

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South Korean forces storm freighter and free crew held by Somali pirates

THIS is the moment that South Korean special forces stormed a hijacked freighter in the Arabian Sea.

British couple freed by Somali pirates

A British couple held for more than a year by Somali pirates have been freed after a ransom was paid.

Piracy hits the Rio Grande

FOR decades, Falcon Lake was known primarily as an anglers' paradise, a tranquil reservoir straddling the border with Mexico where a clever fisherman could catch enormous largemouth bass.

Porn leak law firm ACS:Law could face hefty fine

The legal firm behind a leak of the personal details of more than 5,000 broadband customers accused of illegally sharing adult films online could be fined up to £500,000, the Information Commissioner said today.

Ransom deal frees ship held by pirates

A CARGO ship held for more than five months by Somali pirates has been freed after a ransom was paid, European officials said last night.

Russians seize tanker from pirates

RUSSIAN special forces abseiled on to an oil tanker taken over by Somali pirates and freed 23 Russian sailors yesterday, the commander of the EU Naval Force said. Ten pirates were arrested and one was killed.

Heavily-armed pirates seize bulk carrier

FOUR suspected Somali pirates carrying AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades yesterday seized a bulk carrier with 21 crew on board, the fourth ship seized in less than a week.

Pirates' net widens as they seize boats 1,200 miles off coast

SOMALI pirates hijacked three Thai fishing vessels with nearly 80 crew aboard more than 1,200 miles off the Somali coast, the farthest offshore attack to date, the EU Naval Force said yesterday.

Gordon Brown presses for release of kidnapped UK couple

PRIME Minister Gordon Brown called for swift action to secure the release of a British couple held by pirates when he held talks with the president of Somalia.

Pirates free ship after ransom paid

THE European Union Naval Force yesterday said Somali pirates had freed a Panama-flagged cargo ship and its crew of 26 after a ransom was paid.

Hostage pressure on government

THE government came under pressure yesterday over its decision to refuse to negotiate a ransom demand with Somali pirates holding a British couple hostage.

British hostage being driven insane by three-month Somali kidnap ordeal

A BRITISH woman taken hostage with her husband while sailing in the Indian Ocean more than three months ago has said she is struggling to stay sane in captivity.

Miliband says no to Chandler ransom

FOREIGN Secretary David Miliband yesterday insisted that the government would not get involved in any ransom payments to secure the release of a British couple kidnapped by pirates in the Indian Ocean.

Scots firm's laser gun to foil Somali pirates

A LASER that dazzles and disorientates has been developed by a Scottish firm to help shipowners ward off pirate attacks.

UK couple face death at hands of pirates

A BRITISH couple kidnapped by Somali pirates will be killed within weeks if a ransom is not paid, their kidnappers have threatened.

Pirates hijack another British ship

ANOTHER BRITISH-flagged cargo ship has been hijacked off the coast of Somalia, officials said yesterday.

'Pirates will kill us in a week or two'

A BRITISH couple being held hostage by Somali pirates said last night they fear they will be killed or handed to terrorists if a ransom is not paid soon.

Internet pirates 'pour £200m into music industry'

ILLEGAL music downloaders, the villains of recording industry campaigns and the targets of new internet piracy laws, spend more on official releases than those who obey the law, a new survey has found.

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