Pipefest 2005

Pipefest 2005

Army pipers can't believe their ears

THEY have led soldiers into battle and frightened the enemy with their noise, while becoming one of Scotland's most enduring musical icons.

A rousing success for Pipefest

MARIE Curie Cancer Care, the charity associated with Pipefest 2005, are on target to raise £150,000 through cash donations made on the day of the event and from sponsorship pledges. As previously announced, the charity collected £20,000 during the march on Sunday.

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Pipefest sets march record

Pipefest 2005 attracted approximately 9,100 marchers to the Sunday parade in Holyrood Park, event officials said today. The figure - which far exceeded their expectations of last week and established a world record - was derived from reviewing photographs of the assembled marchers.

People, piping and pictures

ORGANISERS from the charity Marie Curie Cancer Care say they collected £20,000 cash during Sunday's Pipefest 2005. That excludes the many hundreds of pledges made by pipers and sponsors that is still to be counted. A final figure on the amount raised won't be known for days.

Ten thousand pipers and a' and a'

HOLYROOD Park was engulfed by a record-breaking swell of music as more than 10,000 bagpipers joined in an earth-shaking rendition of Scotland the Brave.

Pipers set to march into the record books

MORE than 10,000 bagpipers from all over the world attempted a world-record crescendo in Scotland yesterday.

Pipers blow into town in brave attempt to bag world record

MORE than 30,000 spectators are expected to pack Holyrood Park today to witness an attempt to smash the world record for the number of pipe bands playing together.

Many cultures, a single piping passion

LINDSAY Kawai wears her Scottish heritage proudly. Adorned in a smart-looking red and black tartan with sporran, she is easy to spot among the thousands of tourists on the Royal Mile. Kawai and 14 of her extended family are in Edinburgh amidst a frenetic tour of her native land.

Pakistani president pays to make pipe dream come true

THE Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf has stepped in at the last minute to allow a pipe band to play at tomorrow's record-breaking piping attempt in Holyrood Park.

Dominions, Prague and Czech Baywatch fans

THE Scottish dominions are well represented. There are strong contingents from Canada and Australia, but surely the Scots heritage of Vaclav Rout merits questioning. He may be the only pipe major in the Czech Republic, leaving that re-emerging nation bereft of a reel for the weekend, but he knows how to capture the enthusiasm of the uninitiated inhabitants of Prague.

Skirl power set to lure some star attractions

AS DRUM president for PipeFest, the name Arthur Cook may not come as readily to mind as that of Prince Charles, Pipefest's Honorary Chieftain, but among the drumming fraternity, and his colleagues at Lothian and Borders Police Pipe Band, the former world drumming champion is a well known celebrity, but not the only one.

Here come the Cornish

For all the apocryphal stories of enemies fleeing at the sound of the pipes, leading Scottish battalions into military walk-overs, there's a phalanx of fearless English ready to embrace the invincible weapon.

To the end of the Earth

WITH so many Scots in the antipodean lands, there are no surprises in the fact that both Australia and New Zealand are well represented at PipeFest. The great southern lands have embraced Scottish culture in many ways, and not just in a mutual appreciation of lager.

Bagpipes, I presume

WITH a tradition ranging over three centuries, piping is hardly a new phenomenon in Africa. David Livingston might not have had a set of pipes with him on his travels, but he should have been less surprised to hear their distinctive song, rather than hear the unexpected voice of Mr Stanley. Perhaps the lion that took a chunk out of the dear doctor may have thought twice if confronted with an angry set of pipes.

Pibroching all over the world

THE bagpipes have become more intimately associated with Scotland than any other country in the world, but pipes of many kinds are a global phenomenon, and there are flourishing traditions of piping in many countries that stretch back for centuries, and even millennia.

Massing to make a record

PIPEFEST 2005 - The Edinburgh Review for Marie Curie Cancer Care will be, by any stretch of the imagination, the biggest (definitely) and best (we anticipate) event of its kind so far. There will be more players, from more bands and more countries, than have ever been gathered together before. For the first time we will also all play together as one massed (or massive) band.

Skirl in the Far East

IT MAY have evolved into a Special Autonomous Region of China, but Hong Kong still retains special autonomous piping links with Scotland and the Commonwealth.

More pipes than moose

THERE is a raft of similarities between Canada and Scotland. Two countries with economically dominant neighbours down south, who seem to have the best of everything, and a better climate. Of course, we both look to our inherently better way of life, our more polite culture and our better environment. Then, taking that into account, we pack our bags and get the next stagecoach over the border.

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