Peter Tobin

Peter Tobin

Years of effort draw a blank on Peter Tobin-Bible John link

HOPES of solving one of the most notorious and enduring murder mysteries in Scottish criminal history have been dealt a blow with the winding down of the inquiry into Peter Tobin - the man many believe is 1960s serial killer Bible John.

Killer unable to escape his horrific past

THE body of the 23-year-old Polish student Angelika Kluk was found concealed in a church she visited in Glasgow in August 2006, a discovery that would lead to the conviction of a serial killer.

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Interview: Detective Superintendent David Swindle, The Jigsaw Man

He's spent the last four years piecing together the life and crimes of the most evil man he's ever investigated – Peter Tobin. Gareth Rose meets him

Appeal helps trace Tobin marriage witnesses

A COUPLE documented as witnesses to serial killer and rapist Peter Tobin's wedding have been traced following a television appeal.

Tobin trashes TV in rage over 'withheld' medicine

SERIAL killer Peter Tobin was put into lock down at Saughton Prison after smashing up a portable TV in a rage after claiming his heart medication was being withheld.

Police search of serial killer Tobin's garage draws a blank

POLICE searching a garage once rented to a convicted serial killer have found nothing suspicious during the dig.

Peter Tobin drops appeal against Vicky Hamilton murder sentence

CONVICTED killer Peter Tobin has dropped his appeal against his life sentence for murdering schoolgirl Vicky Hamilton, it was confirmed today.

'I know Peter Tobin is Bible John', claims victim

A WOMAN who believes she was raped by serial killer Peter Tobin as a teenager has spoken for the first time about the vicious attack, and said she is convinced her attacker was Bible John.

Father of Vicky Hamilton asks to meet Peter Tobin detectives

The father of one of serial killer Peter Tobin's victims has welcomed an offer to meet officers investigating the criminal's past.

Call for Peter Tobin to be denied right to court appeal

THE families of two of serial killer Peter Tobin's victims are calling for him to be denied the right to a court appeal.

Tobin search: like something out of TV crime drama - only it's for real

IN AN age when so much detective work relies on forensic analysis, experts such as the archaeologists working on the Peter Tobin case are vital.

Tobin search archaeologist disappointed not to find more bodies

ONE of the archaeologists who dug up gardens in Brighton in search of new victims of serial killer Peter Tobin, 63, has spoken of her disappointment at not finding a body.

Killer Tobin quizzed over 60s sex offences

SERIAL killer Peter Tobin is being investigated over a number of serious sexual crimes after being questioned for several hours by police in Scotland.

Tobin police draw blank after 15 days of searching

POLICE have failed to uncover new victims of serial killer Peter Tobin following a 15-day search of two homes and gardens in Brighton.

Police search of killer Tobin's former home resumes

POLICE searching for victims of serial killer Peter Tobin will resume their hunt for clues at one of his former homes tomorrow.

Killer Tobin to see out life in Scotland

SERIAL sex killer Peter Tobin is set to serve the rest of his sentence in a Scottish jail, it was claimed yesterday.

Fathers' fury as Tobin says he is too ill for court date

THE fathers of two victims of serial killer Peter Tobin have accused him of "playing the system", after he reportedly fell ill and missed an appeal hearing in Edinburgh.

Victims' fathers brand Peter Tobin a 'chancer' after he fails to appear in court

THE families of two of serial killer Peter Tobin's victims today branded him a "chancer" after he missed another court appearance through illness.

Victims' families hit out at 'chancer' Tobin

THE families of two of serial killer Peter Tobin's victims branded him a "chancer" after he missed another court appearance through illness.

Peter Tobin to face victims' dads

SERIAL killer Peter Tobin was set to face the fathers of two of his victims in court today as he appealed against a murder sentence.

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