Peter Jones

Peter Jones

Peter Jones: Ground shifts in Battle for Britain

Unionists must up their game to win the argument that the UK is stronger than the sum of its parts

Peter Jones: SNP's everyman plan has worked

The SNP has run an inspired campaign based on policies assembled to appeal to people of every political hue

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Peter Jones: Gordon Brown is West's best bet for IMF role

The former British PM made mistakes, for sure, but the world badly needs someone of his clout and nous

Peter Jones: False expectations, broken words

There will be job cuts, it will be painful, and no party should be telling voters they can prevent that pain

Peter Jones: Banking market needs new names

Could there now be an opportunity to re-create the old and much-missed Bank of Scotland?

Peter Jones: We must prepare dictator's way out

Exile and immunity from prosecution for Gaddafi may be a price worth paying to stop Libyan bloodshed

Peter Jones: It's an ill wind that blows no good

Opinion polls make cheerless reading for Alex Salmond but international events may offer more hope

Peter Jones: Seeking political enlightenment

Another Scottish election campaign looms and I am sure that I can hear the sound of the bones of David Hume, that greatest of Scottish philosophers, turning in his grave in the Old Calton Burying Ground. Perhaps the mournful groaning may even be heard within the chambers of the Holyrood building which, with a fair wind, is in spitting distance of Hume's Mausoleum.

Peter Jones: We're missing principal point of funding debate

Political point-scoring over student tuition fees may be harmful to economy's long-term prospects

Peter Jones: Lib Dems have missed a trick on gain in federalism

It's maybe not a vote-winner and there's nothing in writing, but Britain's evolving constitutional structure will probably prove enduring

Peter Jones: An opportunity to regain the moral highground in Libya

Will Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, as Olivier Roy at the European University Institute in Florence has written, seek to drown the revolt in blood, or just disappear? We hope for the latter, but we fear the former is more likely. And if indeed that is the endgame he chooses, can we in the democratic world stand by or should we use our military might to prevent it?

Peter Jones: Who should wield most power over your pound?

The time is fast approaching when we must decide if central bankers should pursue their policies free from, or under, political control

Peter Jones: Journey to acceptable energy has forks in the road

Most Scots agree that climate change is a serious problem, but they are willing to look at other means to make electricity

Peter Jones: Cameron is borrowing from Scotland's credo

Talk of 'active muscular liberalism' around race and culture will strike a chord with many north of the Border

Peter Jones: Devolution fails economics exam

Not for nothing is economics known as the dismal science. No sooner does someone have a bright idea for boosting economic conditions and making life better for everyone, than a bunch of economists come along and tell you that it won't work. So it is with the argument that making the Scottish Government responsible for raising in taxes much more of the money it spends will improve the Scottish economy.

Peter Jones: Big Society stuck in starting blocks

David Cameron has some explaining to do if his ideas on public service provision are to gain any currency

Peter Jones: Beware the Islamisation of Tunisia

The overthrow of the country's despotic ruler could have huge repercussions across the Middle East

Peter Jones: Bonuses aren't for following the herd

Lots of people would be happy to do the job of an investment banker - without the massive incentives

Peter Jones: More people - but isolation will grow

Here's a name you will hear a lot about this year, despite the fact that he has been dead for nearly two centuries - the Reverend Thomas Malthus. His name will appear frequently in the media because of two things. By the end of 2011, the world's population will pass the seven billion mark and, during it, lots of us will have to complete something which is part of his intellectual legacy - a census form.

Peter Jones: Price cuts will go against the grain

Enjoy your turkey did you, even though you thought it was a bit expensive? If so, then you will have come face to face with an increasing problem for the world. We are running a bit short on one the basics of life: food. That in turn pushes prices up to the extent that food price inflation may well be the big economic news in 2011.

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