PETA protests

PETA protests

Month's notice all part of the protest process from now on

ORGANISERS of protests in Edinburgh are set to be forced to give a month's notice to city officials, putting spontaneous events such as this year's major demonstration against the war in Gaza under threat.

Animal rights activists on warpath over goldfish bowl

AN ANIMAL rights group has unleashed its campaign might on television station Five over the living conditions provided for goldfish that feature on one of its programmes.

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Shirley shames fur trade fashionistas

SCOTTISH rock star Shirley Manson is leading a counter-attack against fur-wearing celebrities by posing in a shocking poster with the skinned carcass of a fox.

Can anyone stop fur flying off shelves again?

IF SHEER bulk is anything to go by, fur is back in fashion. Once, after anorexia, fur was the most emotive word in the fashion industry. But if the industry is notoriously fickle, then it appears a growing number of its customers are even more so.

Fur flies as PETA takes exception to fashion exhibit

A HIGH-profile New York exhibition about British fashion has come under fire from an animal rights group for using a Burberry coat trimmed with fox fur.

PETA 'misled' public over animal tests - ads watchdog

ANTI-VIVISECTION campaigners are deceiving the public about animal testing to raise funds, a pro-research group said, as the Advertising Standards Authority upheld five complaints against the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

City MP calls for UK ban on dog and cat fur trade

SHOCKING footage exposing the cruelty of the international trade in dog and cat fur has led Edinburgh West MP John Barrett to call for a UK-wide ban on imports of the fur.

Activists storm the catwalk at London show

ANTI-FUR protesters invaded London Fashion Week's first show yesterday, brandishing placards saying "Fur Kills" and "Fur is Dead".

Wool boycott call over Australian lamb 'mutilation'

ANIMAL rights activists were due to take to the streets of Edinburgh today to urge shoppers to boycott Australian wool.

No exclusion

VILLAGERS living near a farm in Staffordshire which breeds guinea pigs for medical research have failed in an initial court bid to stop animal rights activists entering a 200 square kilometre exclusion zone.

Scots pair have nothing to hide in Milan anti-leather campaign

TWO Scottish women stripped down to their underwear in Italy’s fashion capital Milan yesterday to protest against the industry’s use of leather.

Animal activist strips in protest

AN animal rights protester who was deported from China for stripping naked in the street is preparing to repeat the stunt in Italy.

Video link for activist

A CONTROVERSIAL animal rights activist said today he would speak to a major conference by video link despite being barred from Britain by Home Secretary David Blunkett.

Death threat made to Lanarkshire puppy farms protester

AN ANIMAL welfare campaigner who received a death threat vowed yesterday that he would not be silenced.

Fury at Holocaust protest on animal slaughter

IGNORING the prospect of arrest, an animal rights group sparked outrage yesterday by comparing the slaughter of farm animals to the human misery inflicted by the Holocaust.

Milk protest turns sour

POLICE had to break up an animal rights protest yesterday when schoolchildren in Aberdeen pelted activists with cartons of milk.

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