Paul Burrell affair

Paul Burrell affair

Diana's mother expresses her fury at Burrell

THE mother of Princess Diana, Frances Shand Kydd, detested her daughter's butler, Paul Burrell, believing him to be just another hanger-on grasping at Diana's celebrity.

Secret deal for Charles to ditch Di says butler

ROYAL butler Paul Burrell has claimed Prince Charles made a secret pact with his father to ditch Princess Diana after five years of marriage.

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Paul Burrell's story strikes a chord with me

PAUL Burrell was not, I’m sure, exaggerating when he talked about the brink of suicide, the extreme to which he was brought by the court action against him. It is to be hoped that he has now learned how to handle the public slings and arrows, or he may be in some danger again.

Burrell to meet Prince William as Diana book causes fury

A MEETING between Prince William and Paul Burrell is being arranged to discuss the revelations made in the new book by the former butler of Diana, Princess of Wales, Clarence House confirmed last night.

Reprints already as public lap up butler's book

PAUL BURRELL’S controversial book on Princess Diana is having to be reprinted only one day after going on sale.

Burrell's best-seller keeps big secret

IT WAS a journey which pushed him to the brink of suicide, drove him and his family to hell and back and prompted him to write a book to "put the record straight", he says.

What the butler saw

IF Paul Burrell wants to use his 21 years of service to members of the Royal Family as the subject of a book which reveals their secrets, then that is a matter for him and his conscience.

Burrell: Book is loving tribute

FORMER royal butler Paul Burrell today denied betraying Diana, Princess of Wales, insisting his controversial new book was "a loving tribute".

Burrell royal row escalates as book hits the shelves

THE bitter row between ex-royal butler Paul Burrell and Buckingham Palace was close to boiling point today, as his controversial new book hit the high street.

Burrell: Further secrets are on the way

AN UNREPENTANT Paul Burrell, whose controversial curtsy-and-tell book goes on sale today, rode out the deepening row over his "betrayal" of his former employer, Diana, Princess of Wales by going on the offensive against the Royal Family.

'Distraught' princes demand to meet Burrell

PRINCE William and Prince Harry are demanding a meeting with former Royal butler Paul Burrell after apparently becoming so distraught about his disclosures about their mother that they "cannot take any more".

Princes defend mother's honour

IN THE archaic and deeply covert world of the Royal household, where servants see and hear everything, the qualities of discretion and loyalty are prized above all.

Unlikely source raises doubts over Diana book

IF THE Daily Mirror reported the Second Coming, would anyone believe it? Probably not. There is a general view in polite society that the newspaper and its editor, Piers Morgan, are not entirely to be trusted.

Crash cameramen 'doing their job' in Diana death

TWO photographers who took pictures of Princess Diana and her lover, Dodi Fayed, in their Mercedes before and after the fatal 1997 car crash were just doing their job, a Paris court heard yesterday.

Tell us what the butler saw and why he hid it

Piers Morgan, the editor of the Mirror has had a fine scoop on his hands with the serialisation of royal butler Paul Burrell’s book - every other newspaper, including the broadsheets, has been rushing to follow its revelations about Diana. But the provenance of the letters on which the most explosive parts of the book are based remain something of a mystery.

Diana berated by her brother, book claims

LAWYERS acting for the Royal Family are unlikely to take action against Paul Burrell, the former butler, whose controversial book on Diana, Princess of Wales has shaken Buckingham Palace.

Diana's belongings returned to Burrell

PAUL BURRELL, the former butler to Diana, Princess of Wales, said today he had got back everything he asked for after police returned a van-load of property from his theft trial.

Butler trial items given to princes

PERSONAL possessions belonging to Princes William and Harry that were seized by police from the former butler of Diana, Princess of Wales, have been returned to them, it emerged last night.

Police conduct in Royal butlers trials 'unresolved'

ASPECTS of the way that police handled investigations into two Royal butlers cleared of stealing items belonging to Diana, Princess of Wales remain "unresolved".

Ownership battle for intimate Diana tapes

VIDEOS in which Princes Diana reveals intimate details of her sex life with Prince Charles are at the centre of an extraordinary legal row, it emerged last night.

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