Passion of Christ

Passion of Christ

Gibson anti-Semitic outburst may stem from film reaction

ACTOR Mel Gibson says his anti-Semitic outburst at police may have stemmed in part from resentment he harboured over the barrage of Jewish criticism levelled at his 2004 film "The Passion of the Christ.

Gibson says sorry to Jews for rant

MEL Gibson said yesterday that he was not a bigot or an antisemite as he apologised to "everyone in the Jewish community for the vitriolic and harmful words" he used when arrested for drink-driving.

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Jewish groups call for hate-crime probe on Mel Gibson

JEWISH groups have demanded Mel Gibson be investigated for hate crimes after the Hollywood star allegedly made anti-Semitic comments to US police officers when he was stopped on suspicion of drink-driving and speeding.

Gibson asked for live crucifixion

MEL GIBSON has been asked to recreate Jesus Christ's crucifixion in the streets of Sydney if the city is selected to host a major Catholic gathering in 2008.

No passion for advertising

MEL Gibson has vowed not to use paid advertisements to try to win an Oscar for his controversial blockbuster, The Passion of the Christ.

Actor Mel Gibson tops magazine's list of world celebrities

MEL Gibson has eclipsed Jennifer Aniston as the world’s most powerful celebrity, according to a poll published yesterday.

Passion of Christ distributer sues cinema chain

MEL Gibson’s film-distribution company is suing a chain of cinemas in the United States for at least $40 million (£21.8 million) over claims that it was shortchanged on revenues from The Passion of the Christ.

Jesus film stirs passions of Arab Christians and Muslims

MEL Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ has become a surprise hit in the Arab world - among both Muslims and Christians.

Friars urge Gibson to film Assisi story

MEL Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ has so impressed Franciscan friars in New York that they are petitioning him to follow it up with a film biography of their order’s founder, Saint Francis of Assisi.

Gibson's Christ film is all Greek to me, says language expert

MEL Gibson’s film The Passion of the Christ has been savaged for basic errors in its use of Latin and Aramaic.

Tourists off on 'Passion' film pilgrimages

IT WAS once described by an Italian prime minister as a national disgrace, better known for its goat-herding peasants and lack of running water than a place of pilgrimage. But now one of Italy’s poorest regions is set to become the latest holiday destination on the tourist map.

Easter message: a passion for holidays

MEL GIBSON’S film The Passion of the Christ may have spelled out the religious significance of Easter but for record numbers of Scots it is increasingly becoming a time for something different: the first sunshine break of the year.

Passion for Middle East

MEL GIBSON’S controversial film The Passion of the Christ, which has been accused of anti-Semitism, has opened in some Middle East countries.

Gibson's Passion takes £2m

MEL Gibson’s controversial film The Passion of the Christ has topped the UK box office with takings of more than £2 million on its opening weekend.

Church groups flock to see Gibson's Passion

MEL Gibson’s controversial film The Passion of the Christ, covering the final hours of Jesus’s life, opened in Britain this weekend to packed cinemas.

Scots cinema-goers feel the passion of the Christ

FOR months before its release, it was dogged by controversy and its director accused of using gratuitous violence and anti-semitism.

Film which has the power and the gory

THIS was the week that cinema with a "health warning" finally arrived in the Capital. When William Friedkin’s supernatural horror The Exorcist first hit the big screen more than three decades ago, filmgoers in the States were reportedly so terrified that many fainted in their seats.

Film prompts murder confession

IT has converted some to Christianity, caused fury in the Jewish community and made millions of dollars since being released. Now Mel Gibson’s controversial film The Passion has been credited with solving a murder.

Pythons take on Passion as Brian returns

AFTER seeing the runaway success of The Passion of the Christ, film-makers behind the Life of Brian have decided to re-release the satirical Monty Python flick.

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