Outsourcing special report

Outsourcing special report

Oiling wheels of industry

AS THE leading companies across industry sectors become increasingly global in their reach, and, by the same token, find themselves facing global competition even in their home markets, they have had to look for ways of cutting costs and improving efficiencies. One obvious way of achieving this is to outsource non-core activities to a specialist provider.

Transplanting new life into the public sector

SEVERAL major initiatives from government, including the Government project and the major records project in the NHS, have stimulated a wave of investment by the public sector in outsourced services.

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Virtual reality check for IFAs

FOR some eighteen months to two years, there has been a growing sense in the financial services sector that a kind of US infrastructure model for independent financial advisers (IFAs) would make sense here in the UK.

Still a lot of growing up to do for the finance sector

TODAY the financial services sector is the second largest user of outsourcing services, with the main driver being the need to accommodate growing external regulatory and compliance pressures, more demanding investors and the competitive effects of globalisation.

Source of growth ready to explode

TODAY the global outsourcing market is estimated to be worth around £1.5 billion.

Water great way to set up new systems

BRITISH Waterways (BW) is a public corporation, serving as the UK's leading inland navigation authority. It manages more than 2,000 miles of canals and rivers in England, Scotland and Wales, together with all the assets comprising those waterways, including embankments, buildings, land, canal locks and bridges.

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