Organised crime

Organised crime

Godfather and son held after raid on Mafia 'summit meeting' in Sicily

THE Mafia's top Godfather was arrested by police yesterday in the garage of his hideaway, as he held a summit meeting to decide on the future leadership of the crime organisation

The cosy nostra

WHEN The Sopranos began, even a bookie in the pay of the Mafia would have had trouble getting odds on it eventually being voted best TV drama of all time in polls in both the US and Britain. But remarkably - as the casket finally closes on the final series tonight - it has beguiled and terrified us with its violence, passion and unnerving good humour for eight years.

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Clampdown drives crime lords underground

SOME of Scotland's criminal masterminds are being driven underground by tough new regulations designed to clean up the private security industry.

Convicted mobster will remain in US and avoid Italian 'prison torture'

ITALY'S justice minister has objected to a US court's refusal to extradite a convicted Mafia drug trafficker on the grounds that the special prison regime he would face in Italy is "equivalent to torture".

Dozens held in anti-Mafia drive

ITALIAN police arrested dozens of suspected members of the Sicilian Mafia yesterday in an operation they said was linked to the apparent murder of a member of the mob's Santapaola clan.

Jewel-heist gang 'with Scots mastermind' are jailed

THREE Serbian gangsters were yesterday convicted of carrying out a £15.4 million armed raid on an exclusive boutique in Tokyo - two weeks after a Scottish businesswoman alleged to have helped to mastermind the robbery was ordered to be extradited to Italy.

Sicilian police in Mafia arrest

POLICE in Sicily said they arrested Mafia mobster Enrico Scalavino yesterday on suspicion of running a racket that forces businesses to pay protection money or have their premises burned.

'He's innocent' says Scots wife of Mafia boss

THE Scottish wife of a Mafia mobster, alleged to be the godfather of one of Italy's most feared crime syndicates, finally broke her years of silence yesterday to protest her husband's innocence.

Italian police hold 30 gangsters, but Mafia dons unite in war against state

ITALIAN police moved heavily against the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta yesterday, arresting more than 30 members in raids across southern Calabria following the murder in Germany of six gangsters earlier this month.

Dealer's right-hand man made to pay £167k

A DRUG baron's right-hand man has had £168,000 of crime profits confiscated by a judge.

Mafia six killed over an egg

AN EGG thrown at a carnival 16 years ago led to the slaughter of six young men in a mafia execution in Germany yesterday.

Mafia shoots at fire-fighting helicopter

MAFIA gunmen yesterday tried to shoot down a firefighting helicopter as it battled a forest blaze in Italy.

Gangster jailed for 19 years after police find arsenal

A GANGSTER with links to one of the UK's most notorious crime families started a 19-year jail term yesterday.

Gangster funeral to be held today

THE funeral of Scotland's most notorious gangster will take place today.

Goodbye to Glasgow's Godfather

"NO ONE really thought it would end like this. Everyone expected a bullet, a knife or a bat. For him to go the way he did seems a bit of a cop-out."

Gangster reign of The Licensee brought to end by heart attack

TAM McGraw, the notorious gangster who built a multi-million-pound fortune from drug-dealing and extortion, died from a heart attack yesterday, opening up a potential power vacuum in the Glasgow underworld.

Glasgow gangsters in push to bring crime empire to Capital

SOME of Glasgow's most notorious gangsters are attempting to expand their crime empire into the Capital.

Five cleared of murdering 'God's Banker' 25 years ago

IT BEGAN with the sinister discovery of a man hanging underneath a bridge in London and led to a scandal that engulfed the Catholic Church, linking its financiers to a masonic lodge and the Mafia.

Charges against mob boss show Mafia alive and well in New York

NEW Yorkers have been given a rude awakening to the continued presence of the Mafia in their midst with the arrest of Danny "the Lion" Leo, the reputed boss of the city's most powerful crime family.

Drug raids aimed at smashing Leith gang

AN organised crime gang which has moved into drug dealing in the Capital has become the target of a major new police operation.

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