Organ removal scandals

Organ removal scandals

Organs removed without consent

BEREAVED families are to be told that organs were removed from loved ones without consent after a huge blunder affecting the UK donor register.

Transplant surgeon 'told nurses to give patient lethal dose of drugs'

DETECTIVES are investigating allegations that a California transplant surgeon told nurses to administer a lethal dose of drugs to a patient on life support so his organs could be removed.

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Organ donation is a gift, not a purchase

IN MY last column, I looked at organ harvesting. Away from the alleged situation in China, many people object to the sale of organs, irrespective of their source.

Why were my son's organs taken, asks grieving father

A MAN whose son died on holiday in Cuba demanded yesterday to know why his body was returned to the UK with organs missing.

Mother wins right to sue over her dead baby's brain

A MOTHER was yesterday allowed to push ahead with a £100,000 damages claim over the retention by a hospital of her dead infant daughter's brain.

Call to lift ban on sale of organs for transplant

PEOPLE should be allowed to sell body parts in the UK to address the shortage of donor organs and stop the black market trade overseas, a Dundee researcher urged yesterday.

Mothers in baby organs row slam 'blood money' payouts

PARENTS of children whose organs were kept without permission after their deaths at Edinburgh's Royal Hospital for Sick Children today angrily hit out at a deal which will see some of them receive £5000 compensation.

Doctor struck off for secretly taking children's organs

A PATHOLOGIST who secretly ordered the removal of organs from hundreds of dead children's bodies at Liverpool's Alder Hey Hospital was yesterday struck off the UK medical register.

Alder Hey organ removal case goes on

THE case of a Dutch pathologist who secretly ordered the removal of organs from hundreds of dead children's bodies at Alder Hey Children's Hospital will not conclude before Monday, said the General Medical Council.

GMC organ removal decision

THE General Medical Council will decide today whether pathologist Professor Dick van Velzen, 56, who ordered the removal of organs from dead babies at Alder Hey Children's Hospital, is guilty of serious professional misconduct.

GMC told of post-mortem held against parents' wishes

A PATHOLOGIST carried out a full post-mortem examination on a 15-year-old boy without his parents' consent, a medical tribunal heard yesterday.

Doctors will face jail for taking organs without permission

MEDICAL staff taking organs from deceased patients without proper consent will face prison under planned legislation.

Children's organs 'taken without permission'

A PATHOLOGIST secretly ordered the removal of hundreds of organs from the bodies of dead children without their parents' approval, a medical tribunal heard yesterday.

Health chiefs apologise for organ scandal

MEDICAL chiefs have been forced to apologise to a family following an investigation into an organ retention scandal at Edinburgh’s Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

The mother of all battles

PLAYING IN A corner of the living room, two-year-old Brodie is too young to know that sometimes, when her mother, Nicola Barnes, kisses her goodbye, she is heading off to fight for what she sees as justice for a sister and brother Brodie will never know.

Organ parents to stage chain protest

TWO parents whose children’s organs were "stolen" during post-mortems are to chain themselves to the gate of a Capital pathology museum.

Mother sues after hospital kept her baby's brain

A MOTHER is suing for £100,000 damages over the "horror" of discovering that her dead baby daughter’s brain had been removed and retained in a hospital.

Organ scandal leads to fall in post-mortem examinations

A CRISIS of confidence in post-mortem examinations in the wake of the scandal over unauthorised organ retention has led to a significant fall in the number being carried out in Scotland, new figures showed yesterday.

Alder Hey scandal doctor in the clear

A PATHOLOGIST who played a major role in the Alder Hey organ-retention scandal will not face criminal charges, the Crown Prosecution Service said yesterday.

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