Organ donation

Organ donation

Girl mown down by car helped save lives

A YOUNG woman who was killed after a boy racer ploughed into her helped save the lives of five other people after her organs were donated.

Drivers asked to sign organ register

Anyone applying for a driving licence from July will be required to answer a question about organ donation.

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Today three people across the UK will die waiting for a donor organ

JUST a few weeks ago Rachael Boon was fighting for her life in hospital as she battled to survive with her liver failing fast.

Six out of 10 never speak of donating their organs

SOME 60 per cent of people have never spoken to friends and family about organ donation, according to a survey.

Organs removed without consent

BEREAVED families are to be told that organs were removed from loved ones without consent after a huge blunder affecting the UK donor register.

One in three Scots signed up for organ donation

A THIRD of Scots are now registered to become organ donors.

Scientists want your brain to help find cure for Alzheimer's

MEDICAL breakthroughs and new treatments could be made more quickly if there was an increase in the number of people donating their brain for research, experts said yesterday.

Why we shouldn't assume anything on organ donation

SHOULD it be assumed that we want to donate our salvageable organs after our death unless we sign a designated form opting out of this arrangement?

Older organs 'may be healthier for transplants'

UK transplant surgeons could be the first in the world to use a new test aimed at extending the availability of useful organs.

The painful choice to offer a life after death

IMAGINE waking up every morning wondering if today will be the day when the phone rings with a message that could save your life. This is the reality for thousands of people needing an organ transplant, realising that, for them to live, someone else has to die.

Taskforce rejects 'presumed consent' organ donation plans

EXPERTS advising the Government have rejected plans for a new system of "presumed consent" organ donation.

Organ donor law overhaul still on cards

A RADICAL change to Britain's organ transplant laws could be started as early as 2013, a report will recommend this week.

Gift of life for organ campaign mother

JUST over a year ago, her desperate plight sparked Scotland on Sunday's organ donation campaign.

Soldier flown back from Iraq in bid to save life of cancer patient

AS A tank crewman stationed in the volatile surroundings of Basra, the precariousness of mortality could never be far from Marc Munro's mind.

Calls made on organ donation

FRESH calls have been made for Scotland to adopt a system of presumed consent for organ donations.

‘Your gift is the best one ever - the gift of life'

THE letter was simply addressed: “Dear Mr Donor”, and as Shaw McIntyre read on, the sudden realisation of what he had just done became overwhelming.

Task force plan to lift organ donor rates

MINISTERS are considering major changes to Britain's crisis-hit organ donation system that could improve transplant rates by 50%.

UK organ donor deal closer

PLANS for a radical overhaul of organ donation laws which could save the lives of up to 500 Scots every year have taken a major step forward following the first formal talks between senior health officials from Scotland and England.

Organ donor law change moves closer

RELATIVES of the dead will be asked to give doctors a reason not to harvest their loved ones' organs under "presumed consent" transplant plans being developed for Scotland.

SNP 'can lead UK in opt-out organ donation'

THE Scottish Government was today urged to carry out a public consultation on an opt-out system for organ donations after a survey found support for the change was higher in Scotland than the rest of the UK.

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