Online music industry

Online music industry

Big Brother fear over copyright police and dossier of 'suspects'

A LIST of online pirates who counterfeit songs, films and computer games is to be drawn up by UK internet service providers, under proposals from sector regulator Ofcom.

We don't need no single downloads – Pink Floyd win legal battle with EMI

PINK Floyd won a ruling at the High Court yesterday which will bar record company EMI selling single downloads from their concept albums.

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Pink Floyd take EMI to court over payment of online royalties

ROCK legends Pink Floyd yesterday launched an action against EMI in a dispute over the calculation of online royalty payments and marketing of their music.

Illegal file sharers may have internet connection suspended - Mandelson

PEOPLE who share files illegally over the internet may have their connection suspended under Government proposals to tackle piracy, but only as a "last resort", Business Secretary Lord Mandelson said today.

Adam Morris: The album is staying on track

IT is one of the most glamorous nights in the music industry calendar. The awarding of the Mercury Prize will tonight see the cream of the UK's music talent gathered together to celebrate the album of the year.

Time is coming for pirates and studios to work together

APRIL Fools' Day heralded the leak of an unfinished version of the film X-Men Origins: Wolverine a month before its UK and US release dates.

Frequency vacated by Capital radio station set to stay silent

THE radio frequency vacated by Edinburgh station Talk 107 is set to stay silent for some time, it emerged today.

Survey sounds out hearing problem timebomb in city

AROUND two-thirds of people in Edinburgh are risking their hearing by listening to their MP3 players at too high a volume, a deaf charity said today.

Video: Travis frontman is happy for fans to illegally download music

Fran Healy, singer in the Scottish rock group Travis, has said that he doesn't mind whether fans choose to illegally download his music for free.

CD royalties dip but online pay goes up for songwriters

SONGWRITERS made 15 per cent less money from CD sales in the first six months of the year as consumers choose to download music from the internet, latest figures reveal.

Music bosses told: Pump up the incentives if you want to beat pirates

MUSIC labels will have to make it worth fans' while to download legally if they want to stop internet piracy, industry experts warned last night.

£30 charge targets internet music pirates

INTERNET users could face an annual charge of up to £30 to download music under plans to tackle illegal file-sharing, it emerged last night.

CD singles 'in terminal decline'

THE high street chain Woolworths yesterday announced it was to stop selling almost all CD singles, saying the format was in "terminal decline".

It's only rock and payroll – but I like it

IT IS a money-making move that John Lennon could never have imagined.

Resurgent HMV defies high street gloom

HMV burst through the high street gloom yesterday with the best like-for-like sales figures since it floated on the stock market six years ago.

Pot of gold at the end of In Rainbows

RADIOHEAD are on course to top the chart after finally releasing their latest album in the shops.

The real price of rainbows

IT'S decision time. How much do you want to pay for the new Radiohead album? You could have it for 1p, or even for free, next week (by downloading it from the band's website, for whatever fee you think is appropriate) or wait until December and pay £40 (for the deluxe CD set, with extra tracks, also from the band's website). Take your time, no rush.

Prince takes legal axe to online video clips

POP star Prince is taking on YouTube over unauthorised use of his performances.

MySpace helped me overcome stroke, says Collins

EDWYN Collins has thanked MySpace for helping him make an amazing recovery from serious brain injuries.

Apple juices up TV download service

APPLE launched its television show download service in the UK yesterday.

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