OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson

US prosecutor fights to keep Simpson in jail

A US prosecutor has challenged claims that OJ Simpson was unfairly convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping.

The American Dream in chains: Simpson is sentenced to 15 years

IT WAS the final humiliation of an athlete and Hollywood star once considered the embodiment of the American dream.

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OJ Simpson jailed

OJ Simpson was jailed for 15 years today for kidnapping and armed robbery.

Guilty OJ Simpson facing life in jail after kidnap and armed robbery trial

OJ Simpson faces spending the rest of his life behind bars today after being found guilty of kidnapping and armed robbery in Las Vegas.

OJ Simpson sent back to jail

O J SIMPSON, the former American football star, was ordered back to jail last night charged with violating bail terms set for his armed robbery trial.

OJ Simpson protests his innocence as police probe armed robbery claim

US POLICE were stepping up the investigation into an alleged armed robbery at a Las Vegas casino involving OJ Simpson yesterday as the fallen sports star protested his innocence.

OJ Simpson is questioned over break-in at casino

OJ SIMPSON was yesterday being questioned by police in connection with a break-in at a casino hotel room involving sports memorabilia.

OJ's 'murder' mystery story published in US magazine

OJ SIMPSON'S "hypothetical" account of how he might have murdered his ex-wife and her friend has been revealed for the first time, telling how the former American football star was left drenched in blood following the fatal altercation - and how he may have had an accomplice.

Murdoch fires publisher behind OJ 'confession'

MEDIA mogul Rupert Murdoch's publishing arm has sacked Judith Regan, the executive who masterminded OJ Simpson's hypothetical murder confession, If I Did It.

OJ Simpson book raises questions over earnings

AND the winner of this year's "What on earth were you thinking?" award goes to Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation. The reason for such an honour was a proposed book and TV interview with OJ Simpson, in which he was to give an account of how, had he been guilty, he might have murdered his former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

TV network pulls OJ's murder 'special'

OJ SIMPSON'S highly controversial book and TV special featuring a hypothetical first-person account of the murders of his ex-wife and her friend were cancelled last night.

Publisher under fire over Simpson's book on 1994 murders

THE growing furore over OJ Simpson's "fictional" account of the murders for which he was famously acquitted took a bizarre twist last night when the book's publisher launched an emotional attack on her client.

OJ to talk about ex-wife's murder

AN INTERVIEW with OJ Simpson entitled If I Did It, Here's How It Happened is to be shown on US television this month in which he discusses the 1994 slaying of his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson, for which he was acquitted.

OJ fined £13,800 after 'TV piracy'

A FLORIDA judge has ordered former American football star OJ Simpson to pay £13,800 in damages for pirating satellite television signals from DirecTV.

Defence lawyer in OJ Simpson murder trial dies aged 67

THE charismatic lawyer Johnnie Cochran, famed for his successful defence of the American football star OJ Simpson on murder charges, has died from a brain tumour. He was 67.

OJ lawyer dies of brain tumour

CELEBRITY lawyer Johnnie Cochran, famed for his successful defence of OJ Simpson on murder charges, has died of a brain tumour.

Brother of OJ's death driver

OJ Simpson’s older brother was the driver of an airport shuttle bus that crashed, killing a passenger.

10 years on, and the pain only gets worse

IT BEGAN a decade ago today on a misty evening in Los Angeles’ rich Brentwood neighbourhood. The howling of Nicole Brown Simpson’s dog led passers-by to a gruesome scene - the bodies of Ms Simpson, 35, and Ronald Goldman, 25, outside the front door of her condominium.

OJ Simpson speaks out against slain wife

OJ SIMPSON has spoken out to American journalists of his "anger" towards his wife, ahead of the tenth anniversary of her killing.

OJ angry at murdered wife

OJ SIMPSON has said in a television interview that he is angry at his murdered ex-wife and spoken of how he hopes to star in a new TV reality show.

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