Ofcom media watchdog

Ofcom media watchdog

Large swathes of UK left off mobile broadband map

People in large parts of the UK are unable to access the internet via mobile networks, maps published by industry watchdog Ofcom revealed today.

Ofcom unable to fine individuals over BBC lewd phone call scandal

A £150,000 fine imposed on the BBC over the Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand lewd phone call scandal could not be levied against the individuals without a change in the law, Ofcom said today.

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Ofcom to investigate Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand's prank calls

OFCOM said today it would investigate the offensive phone calls made by Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand to veteran actor Andrew Sachs.

Claim junk food advertising ban is 'completely flawed'

NEW rules to curb junk food adverts aimed at children were today branded "completely flawed" because some of the TV shows most popular with youngsters will not be covered by the restrictions.

Ofcom picks new chief

OFCOM, Britain's media watchdog, has named Ed Richards, a former senior policy adviser to Prime Minister Tony Blair, as its new chief executive.

Smoking ban hits Tom 'n' Jerry

Key quote "To me it's political correctness gone mad. If you're really going to be concerned about children taking something up perhaps Ofcom could look at Tom dropping an anvil on Jerry's head or putting Jerry in an egg slicer. " - Adrian Monck, media analyst

Ofcom clears O'Grady over Sir Elton's naughty word

PAUL O'Grady's teatime television show has escaped censure from media watchdogs over bad language used by guest star Sir Elton John.

Ofcom sets digital deadline

EVERY home in the UK should be able to tune in to digital radio from 2007, the industry regulator, Ofcom, said yesterday. Currently, more than one in ten people, mainly in rural areas, has no access to digital radio broadcasts, which offer more stations and better sound quality than analogue services.

Scots TV news set for regional split

SCOTTISH viewers are to get regionalised news programmes within 18 months, it was announced last night.

Dibley rapped by watchdog

MEDIA watchdog Ofcom has questioned the BBC’s decision to broadcast an episode of The Vicar of Dibley, which saw Dawn French’s character get drunk, on Christmas Day.

Surprise as Ofcom reveals media 'unknown' as Scottish director

OFCOM, the media and communications watchdog, has finally named a director for Scotland, but the appointment has taken many in the industry by surprise.

Ofcom draws a blank in bid to find Scottish guardian

OFCOM, the media super regulator, is struggling to find a director for Scotland after two candidates shortlisted for the post were rejected by the watchdog’s executive board in London.

Whitehall bids to end TV row with McConnell

SCOTLAND was last night promised a strong voice in the future of British broadcasting after Whitehall caved in to demands by Jack McConnell, the First Minister.

Jowell holds out olive branch to McConnell

THE Scottish Executive last night claimed it had emerged the victor of a power struggle with Westminster after Tessa Jowell, the Culture Secretary, caved in to demands to give Scotland a bigger say in the future of British broadcasting.

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