Porsche engineers a diet for drivers

IT’S one way to lose the spare tyre.

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Bullying of overweight Scots drives 65% rise in sale of obesity drugs

OVERWEIGHT Scots are being driven to obesity drugs after being bullied about their size, research suggests.

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Boredom with food could help weight loss

A STUDY has found that offering a variety of different foods can encourage overeating, while a monotonous menu can help reduce calorie intake.

Scientists discover the deep-fried gene

EUROPEANS are genetically programmed to consume more fatty foods and alcohol than people in Asia, researchers at a Scottish university claim.

Gastric bands for obese hip-surgery patients

OBESE patients who suffer complications after hip replacement surgery are costing the NHS tens of thousands of pounds extra to treat.

Parents warned that lack of sleep could lead to child obesity

CHILDREN who do not get enough sleep face an increased risk of becoming overweight, research suggests.

Running for office: first sports minister

SCOTLAND is to have its first ever dedicated sport minister with a brief to tackle the country's "major problem" with childhood obesity and boost participation in school sports and exercise.

Analysis: 'PE is important so we can tackle obesity early'

THERE'S been a groundswell of support in Scottish sport for having a minister dedicated to improving access to physical exercise and sport and I am pleased that the Scottish Government has decided to take this action.

Diet in pregnancy can cause child to be obese in later life

SCIENTISTS have discovered for the first time that a mother's nutrition during pregnancy can alter her child's DNA and cause obesity in later life.

Tipping the scales: Edinburgh surgeon fights off 'super-obesity'

Edinburgh surgeon Chris Oliver has made a career out of saving other people, but he put his own life in danger when his weight ballooned and he became 'super-obese'. Here, Maria Croce looks at how he managed to save himself

Sweet and sour views of doughnut drive-through

PLANS to open Scotland's first drive-through doughnut bar have been criticised by an anti-obesity campaigner.

Experts blame lack of exercise and too much food for the rise in child sizes

WAISTLINES of girls starting secondary school are more than 10cm larger than those of their counterparts 30 years ago, new figures have revealed.

Research suggests double the benefits for slimmers

A COMBINATION of two drugs has twice the slimming power of the leading anti-obesity pill Orlistat, trial results have shown.

Quick fix for obesity is favoured

PRESCRIPTIONS for drugs to treat obesity increased by almost a fifth in Scotland last year.

Chilli could be next on the menu to fight flab

Cakes which may help you burn off calories could soon be available in the UK.

Case study: Mother who 'died' twice saved by heart pump made by Nasa

A MOTHER-OF-THREE who "died" twice on the operating table has been saved by a revolutionary new heart pump made with parts designed by Nasa scientists.

Nicola Sturgeon unveils plan to carry out more heart transplants in Scotland

Plans to increase the number of heart transplants carried out in Scotland were announced by health secretary Nicola Sturgeon yesterday.

No such thing as being fat and healthy, warn doctors

FAT kills, according to a new report that has found that - even without other well known risk factors - obese people are still almost twice as likely to suffer a fatal heart attack.

Piled on the pounds? You're a victim of 'snowbesity'

IT PLAYED havoc with the nation's road and rail network and plunged Christmas shopping plans into turmoil, now the big freeze has claimed another victim - Scotland's waistlines.

Obese children get personal trainers in hope gym'll fix it

OVERWEIGHT children and their families are to be assigned personal trainers in a new bid to tackle obesity across the Lothians.

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