Nuclear incidents

Nuclear incidents

UK's nuclear submarine fleet secrets laid bare thanks to internet blunder

DEFENCE chiefs were forced into an embarrassing emergency retraction after secret information about the UK's nuclear-powered submarines was inadvertently published on a website.

Thirty-two days after disaster struck, Japan finally admits Fukushima is in same league as Chernobyl

Japan has ranked its nuclear crisis at the highest possible severity on an international scale, taking it to the same level as the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

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Japan close to halting release of radioactivity into Pacific

Japanese nuclear power plant operator Tepco expects to stop pumping radioactive water into the Pacific ocean today, days later than planned, in a step that would help ease international concern about the spread of radiation from the smashed Fukushima nuclear plant.

Scottish Election 2011: Scots not turned off nuclear by Japan disaster

THE exploding Japanese power stations have failed to turn Scots against nuclear power with more than half still believing that nuclear power should be part of Scotland's energy mix.

Sir Bernard Ingham Vs Juliet Swann: Powerful debate on future with or without nuclear

Is Japan's nuclear nightmare a warning sign to Britain? Sir Bernard Ingham and Juliet Swann make the case for and against nuclear power

Japanese earthquake: Leakage fears as third blast rocks nuclear plant

Dangerous levels of radiation leaking from a crippled nuclear plant forced Japan to order 140,000 people to seal themselves indoors today after an explosion and fire dramatically escalated the crisis spawned by the earthquake and tsunami four days ago.

France: Secret data stolen from nuclear site

TWO computers containing confidential information have been stolen from a power firm's nuclear energy research site.

Engineers assessing damage to grounded sub

A NUCLEAR-powered submarine which spent ten hours grounded off the isle of Skye will remain docked in deep water for several days while assessments are carried out.

Crew of grounded sub may have used old charts

A NUCLEAR-powered submarine may have run aground on a shingle bank because the charts it was using were out of date.

Skipper to face naval inquiry as sub grounds

AN INVESTIGATION is under way into how the UK's most sophisticated nuclear submarine managed to run aground off the Isle of Skye. At high tide last night, the £1.2 billion HMS Astute finally left the shale and silt seabed where the 7,800-tonne vessel had been marooned for about 11 hours.

Howard Wheeldon: Serious questions must be answered by Commander on how accident happened and why the sub was so close to shore

We MAY be entitled to ask what on earth the Royal Navy's newest £1.2 billion nuclear hunter-killer submarine was doing dropping sailors off on the Isle of Skye.

'People here are quite anxious, as it's nuclear,' says Isle of Skye local

HMS Astute became Scotland's most unlikely new tourist attraction yesterday, as the curious flocked to glimpse the stricken vessel.

Iran faces new sanctions over nuclear research

THE leaders of Germany and Russia said yesterday that world powers were on the verge of approving a new round of sanctions against Iran for its nuclear work.

Wind farms banned as MoD listening post demands hush to detect nuclear blasts

THE Ministry of Defence has put a blanket ban on turbines being built within 31 miles of a nuclear test monitoring station, The Scotsman has learned.

Shutdown at Torness nuclear plant

A NUCLEAR reactor "tripped" at Torness Power station and had to be shut down.

'Lost' uranium found in Dounreay clean-up

NUCLEAR weapons-grade uranium, given up for lost at the Dounreay plant in Caithness, has been found during the clean-up at the sprawling site, it has been revealed.

Connery expresses interest in nuclear test veterans film

JAMES Bond icon Sir Sean Connery could make a comeback – in a film about a Scots war veteran who won a "David and Goliath" battle with military bosses.

Fears over safety after nuclear waste leaks into Clyde revealed

CONCERNS have been raised about safety at Faslane after it was revealed nuclear waste has leaked into the Clyde.

Snub for SNP's anti-nuclear line as Faslane picked to be sole sub base

FASLANE is set to be the UK's only submarine base in a move that will boost the economy yet will also be seen as a snub to the Scottish Government's anti- nuclear stance.

'No danger' from nuclear leak

SAFETY breaches have caused a radiation leak at a nuclear reprocessing plant in the Ural mountains, but Russian officials say there is no danger to humans.

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