Nuclear energy

Nuclear energy

Chernobyl remembered but Russia still backing nuclear

RUSSIA'S president argued yesterday that tough international guidelines could help prevent accidents such as the Chernobyl meltdown.

Radiation leak sparks probe into safety at Torness

AN investigation is under way following a radioactive leak at the Torness nuclear power station.

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Nuclear power 'still a good option'

THE head of the International Atomic Energy Agency yesterday said Japan's nuclear crisis does not undermine the value of nuclear power.

Scotland needs new nuclear power, top business group says

ONE of Scotland's leading business groups has declared that the country will need a new generation of nuclear reactors, as a reliable back-up for the "green revolution" of wind, wave and tidal power.

Japanese crisis cools India's ardour for nuclear power

WHEN a farmer named Praveen Gawankar and two neighbours began a protest four years ago against a proposed nuclear power plant in this coastal town, they were against it mainly for not-in-my-backyard reasons.

Thirty-two days after disaster struck, Japan finally admits Fukushima is in same league as Chernobyl

Japan has ranked its nuclear crisis at the highest possible severity on an international scale, taking it to the same level as the 1986 Chernobyl disaster.

Japan close to halting release of radioactivity into Pacific

Japanese nuclear power plant operator Tepco expects to stop pumping radioactive water into the Pacific ocean today, days later than planned, in a step that would help ease international concern about the spread of radiation from the smashed Fukushima nuclear plant.

Scottish Election 2011: Scots not turned off nuclear by Japan disaster

THE exploding Japanese power stations have failed to turn Scots against nuclear power with more than half still believing that nuclear power should be part of Scotland's energy mix.

Scotland 'must build nuclear power stations'

SCOTLAND must be "realistic" and build nuclear power stations alongside renewable energy sources as a matter of urgency, the Scottish Chambers of Commerce said today as it launched its Holyrood election policy document.

Japan's nuclear nightmare 'nowhere near' over

Radiation fears have escalated in Japan after workers suffered burns as they tried to cool the earthquake-crippled nuclear power station at Fukushima, while the government sowed confusion over whether it was widening an evacuation zone around the plant.

Letters: Nuclear safety

John Connor (Letters, 25 March) suggests that people living near nuclear power plants be trained in taking iodine tablets as part of being "educated in the potential dangers".

Japanese crisis: Radioactive particles from Fukushima found in Iceland

Minuscule numbers of radioactive particles believed to have come from Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant have been detected as far away as Iceland.

Japanese crisis: power lines reconnected

Workers at the leaking Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant attached power lines to all six of the crippled complex's reactor units yesterday, a significant advance after days of difficulties.

Japanese crisis: Japan urged to act quickly over radiation in food

Japan needs to act quickly and ban sales of food from areas around the Fukushima nuclear plant if it has excessive levels of radiation, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said.

Japanese crisis: Britons given pills to offset radiation

More than 500 Britons in Japan have been given iodine tablets to counteract the effects of radiation leaking from the crippled Fukushima nuclear facility.

Japanese crisis: Website set up to record radiation

People living near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant are collaborating online to help plot radiation levels in the local area.

Japanese crisis: We were caught out by Fukushima, admits Japan at last

Japan's nuclear experts have admitted that the Fukushima reactor disaster was worse than anything they ever imagined could have happened.

John McTernan: Nuclear sector is far from meltdown

The pictures of the Fukushima nuclear power station in Japan have been horrendous. Day after day, reactors exploded and emergency staff have rallied to cool the overheating fuel rods. The fear of a meltdown is real. The release of radiation into the surrounding area has led the Japanese government to suspend the sale of certain foods from the surrounding area.

Clock ticks as Japan's nuclear warning increased to 'deadly'

The Japanese authorities have finally admitted that leaks at their wrecked nuclear reactors could cost lives.

Japanese crisis: Premier Kan tells his people: We will rebuild our nation from scratch

PRIME minister Naoto Kan yesterday urged the Japanese people to help rebuild their country "from scratch" as his government acknowledged it had been overwhelmed by the scale of the natural disasters.

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