Nuclear defence

Nuclear defence

North Korea in bid to break nuclear deadlock with US

A SENIOR North Korean minister will visit the United States this week to discuss the possible resumption of long-stalled international negotiations on ending Pyongyang's nuclear programmes.

Widow: Give us nuclear bomb justice

A WIDOW told today how she would fight for justice for her husband and other soldiers used as "guinea pigs" during British nuclear bomb tests amid new calls for the Scottish Government to step in.

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Defence cuts 'raise nuclear safety fears at Faslane'

Politicians are demanding answers from the Ministry of Defence after documents revealed fears over safety at Faslane nuclear base on the Clyde as a result of spending cuts

Billions are spent on 'son of Trident' but future still in doubt

DEFENCE Secretary Liam Fox has given the go-ahead for the first stage of replacing Britain's nuclear submarine fleet.

'Ruinous' Trident cost spiralling, CND warns

The expected cost of replacing the UK's nuclear deterrent has risen dramatically to about £26 billion, according to government figures published by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

Faslane protesters call on SNP to rid Scotland of nuclear deterrent

Campaigners blocked access to the Faslane naval base today for two hours in a protest against the Trident nuclear programme.

UK's nuclear submarine fleet secrets laid bare thanks to internet blunder

DEFENCE chiefs were forced into an embarrassing emergency retraction after secret information about the UK's nuclear-powered submarines was inadvertently published on a website.

US anti-missile shield for Europe moves step closer

The US military has said it shot down an intermediate-range ballistic missile target over the Pacific in the "most challenging" test yet of its work on a planned anti-missile shield for Europe against Iran.

Minister signals end to MoD 'fantasy projects'

DEFENCE Secretary Liam Fox has said that "fantasy projects" will have to end as he outlined plans to tackle financial mismanagement that blew a £36 billion hole in his department's budget.

Navy needs four nuclear subs or defence will be at risk, warns Liam Fox

REDUCING Britain's fleet of nuclear submarines would "risk" the effectiveness of the UK's military deterrent, Defence Secretary Liam Fox has claimed.

Steve Gutterman: New START is just the beginning of disarmament

IT TOOK a year of tortuous talks and painful compromise for Russia and the United States to forge their strategic nuclear arms cut treaty. But that may prove child's play compared with the next step toward nuclear disarmament.

United States: New nuclear treaty signed with Russia

THE US and Russia have finalised a nuclear arms treaty, a key foreign policy goal of President Barack Obama that will limit the number of atomic warheads the two former Cold War foes are allowed to possess.

Kirk calls for more open policy on Trident

Church of Scotland leaders have called on the UK Government to clarify its position on replacing the country's nuclear deterrent.

France: Secret data stolen from nuclear site

TWO computers containing confidential information have been stolen from a power firm's nuclear energy research site.

Swiss urged to prosecute trio in Pakistan nuclear bomb case

Smuggling charges should be brought against three Swiss engineers suspected of giving nuclear weapons technology to a rogue network in Pakistan, a magistrate said yesterday.

Russians delay ratification of US nuclear deal

RUSSIAN President Dmitry Medvedev yesterday welcomed the US Senate's decision to ratify a landmark nuclear arms control treaty, but Russian legislators said they need to study a resolution accompanying the document before following suit.

Analysis: The confrontations are still to come

Barack Obama has rebounded from his party's drubbing in the November congressional elections with the kind of victory list that any White House would want: a tax deal, a repeal of the ban on openly gay military service and a major nuclear treaty with Russia.

Boost for Barack Obama as US Senate approves new nuclear treaty

The United States Senate has approved a new strategic nuclear arms treaty with Russia, handing President Barack Obama a major foreign policy victory in his drive to improve ties with Moscow and curb the spread of atomic weapons to other countries.

Tunnel hints at nuclear test by North Korea

North Korea appears to be digging a tunnel at the country's nuclear test site that could be completed in March next year, possibly heralding a new nuclear test.

US: Republicans 'have hit new low' over US nuclear treaty

The White House accused Senate Republicans of reaching a "new low" in political gamesmanship yesterday for attempting to force the START nuclear arms control treaty with Russia to be read aloud in its entirety on the chamber floor.

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