Northern Ireland Tourist Guide

Northern Ireland Tourist Guide

A walk on the mild side

SNOW had fallen overnight all across Northern Ireland. The Sperrin mountains, swelling in waves from the green lowlands of County Tyrone, were looking especially handsome, their newly whitened heads glittering crisply in late autumn sunshine.

Belle's kitchen

THE LAST cookery lesson I had was at school when I was a teenager. We made bread, badly, and I did something fancy with mine and was laughed at by the rest of the class. Almost ten years later, standing in the bright, spacious kitchen of Northern Ireland's first residential cookery school, coffee in one hand, a large knife in the other, it was time to lay those culinary ghosts to rest.

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Top class for tourists

THE Northern Ireland Tourism Awards annually reward providers who outshine all others in their categories. Austin Reid, chief executive officer of bmi, sponsor of the awards, commented this year that this 26th Tourism Awards was an opportunity to celebrate the best of Northern Irish tourism.

From craic to kitsch cool

Not so long ago a term like the Belfast Revolution would have been rife with political connotations, but not any more. Over the past five years Belfast's city centre has come to life, slowly cultivating an impressive reputation, rivaling many of Europe's big name players in terms of nightlife, culture and general ambience.

It's a celebration

NORTHERN Ireland is host to a wealth of festival activity.

Playing around

FOR MOST Scots, Northern Ireland is a home away from home, in more ways than one. One area where we share world-renowned facilities is golf, with courses to suit every taste, skill level and pocket throughout the six counties.

Faith and fish

NORTHERN Ireland’s two traditions may be divided by their common Christianity but one place which celebrates its religious roots without offending anyone is the St Patrick Centre in Downpatrick, Co Down.


Londonderry represents a happy hybrid of the traditional heritage sites, associated with the city in the past, with a rapidly emerging social and cultural chic.

Something for everyone

I spent all of my formative days in the Belfast area and I find it uplifting to observe the enormous changes which have taken place since then. Belfast has become a thriving, dynamic city to rival any city break destination in Europe with its history, a lively cultural and arts scene and fantastic nightlife.

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