Poverty blamed as Nigeria's ethnic bloodshed shows no sign of ending

Burned corpses with machete wounds lay in roads and smoke yesterday rose above Nigeria's northern city of Kaduna, where rioting continued among Muslims angered by the announcement that a Christian, Goodluck Jonathan, had won the presidential election.

Jonathan poised for victory after 'clean' Nigerian poll

President Goodluck Jonathan took what appeared to be an unassailable lead last night as votes were tallied from around Nigeria, despite a strong showing by rival Muhammadu Buhari in his mainly-Muslim strongholds.

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Nigeria: National Assembly elections postponed as ballot papers go missing

NIGERIA has postponed its National Assembly elections as ballots and tally sheets remain missing from polling places throughout the country - a worrying sign as the oil-rich nation faces a month of crucial polls.

People traffickers held in Nigeria

Nigerian immigration officials have arrested two human traffickers at the country's north-eastern border.

Nine die as Nigeria's religious violence intensifies

SOLDIERS in the central Nigerian city of Jos opened fire yesterday on university students protesting continuing violence between Christians and Muslims, with at least nine people killed in the ensuing clashes.

Nigerian president punched in his car

AN UNIDENTIFIED man jumped into the car of former president Olusegun Obasanjo and punched him, Nigerian police said.

International news: Nigeria

A WEAPONS cache containing artillery rockets seized by Nigerian security agents at the West African nation's busiest port originally came from Iran, an international shipping company said yesterday.

Motorbike assassins herald rise of terror in Nigeria

A RASH of mysterious killings by gun-wielding motorcycle assassins has led authorities to declare that a radical Islamic sect thought to have been crushed last year has been revived.

Car bombs kill eight in Nigerian capital

Two car bombs exploded yesterday as Nigeria celebrated its 50th independence anniversary, killing at least eight people in an unprecedented attack on the capital, Abuja, by southern militants.

Soldiers in dash to free child hostages

Nigeria sent hundreds of soldiers to a town in Abia State on the fringes of the Niger Delta yesterday to hunt down an armed gang holding 15 schoolchildren hostage.

Debt-hit Nigeria to buy 3 presidential jets

Nigeria's cabinet approved the purchase of three new presidential jets yesterday, a day after Africa's most populous nation said it would have to raise debt to fund elections in less than six months.

Lead from illegal gold mining kills 111 children in poor Nigerian state

LEAD poisoning caused by illegal gold mining has killed 163 Nigerians, most of them children, since March in remote villages in northern Nigeria, a senior government official said yesterday.

Goodluck Jonathan sworn in as Nigerian president dies

NIGERIA'S acting leader, Goodluck Jonathan, was sworn in as president yesterday, as the body of his predecessor was flown north for burial hours after he died following a long illness.

Nigerian rescue plan crashes

A NIGERIAN plane carrying more than 30 disaster response officials crashed on Friday in Port Harcourt in what was supposed to be a mock rescue exercise. The air force plane, carrying staff from the National Emergency Management Agency and other members of the emergency services, skidded off the runway and into bushes after landing at the city's international airport.

Nigeria winning battle to beat polio

NIGERIA has made impressive advances in wiping out polio since religious leaders backed vaccination, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Nigerian vice-president steps in to take charge

NIGERIA'S parliament yesterday empowered vice-president Goodluck Jonathan to run the country in place of an ailing and absent president.

Power plea to president

NIGERIA'S state governors have called on the country's absent president to cede power to the vice president to calm a growing constitutional crisis in the west African nation.

Hundreds dead as Christians target Muslims

BODIES were yesterday being pulled from wells and cesspits in a Nigerian village riven by four days of rioting between Christians and Muslims.

Kidnapped Scots oilmen sue bosses for £200,000 over 'failure' to protect them

TWO Scottish oil workers who were kidnapped by an armed gang in Nigeria are suing their bosses for £200,000, it was revealed yesterday.

Shot, drugged, beaten .. but I'm still going back to Nigeria

A CITY oil worker who was kidnapped, tortured and told to dig his own grave in Nigeria has revealed he is planning to return to the country.

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