NHS Dentistry

NHS Dentistry

21 Scots dentists paid more than £300,000 to treat NHS patients

TWENTY-ONE dentists in Scotland received more than £300,000 for treating NHS patients last year, figures show.

NHS seeks to extract £800k from dentists

NHS Lothian is attempting to reclaim more than £800,000 in fees wrongfully paid to dentists.

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Fear and cost keep third of Scots out of dentist's reach

FEAR of the dentist or the cost of treatment has prevented more than a third of people getting their teeth checked in five years, research shows.

Scots dentists pay back thousands to NHS

THE health service was forced to claw back almost £160,000 last year in payments wrongfully made to dentists for treating NHS patients.

£4.7 million 'teach and treat' dental centre to go ahead

A LANDMARK £4.7 million dental "teach and treat" centre is set to go ahead in Stornoway after being given planning permission.

Many still struggle to get dentist on NHS, admits minister

SCOTS in some parts of the country still cannot get access to an NHS dentist, despite rising registrations, new figures have shown.

Head takes shine off new £18m dental school

THE director of Scotland's newest dental school has warned that local waiting lists for NHS dentists could increase as a direct result of the opening of the facility.

Dentist set to fill a gap in the market

A NEW NHS dental practice is set to open in one of the city's most deprived areas.

NHS dentists on £300,000 a year

THE number of dentists earning more than £300,000 a year from treating NHS patients in Scotland has trebled in the last five years, according to figures obtained by The Scotsman.

Hypnotist to drill patients in how to beat fear of dentists

THEY have long helped smokers and slimmers achieve their goals by delving into the recesses of their subconscious.

Uneven smile as number with NHS dentist up but patchy

THE number of people registered with an NHS dentist has risen 14 per cent in a year – but wide variations persist across Scotland, figures showed yesterday.

Added costs may drive NHS dentists into private practice

NHS dentists may have to take on more private patients to meet the costs of running new decontamination units, it was claimed yesterday.

NHS dental patients up 20%

THE percentage of adults registered with an NHS dentist has risen by almost 20 per cent in a year, figures show.

Suspensions double in NHS

THE number of suspended NHS Lothian workers has more than doubled in the last year, figures have shown.

New dental and health centres to be built in Scotland

SCOTLAND is to get 15 new dental practices in efforts to increase access to NHS services under plans announced yesterday.

Failed by the NHS: 82,000 deprived of dental treatment

MORE than 82,000 people in Scotland are stuck on waiting lists to get access to an NHS dentist, figures obtained by The Scotsman have revealed.

NHS dentists treat ever more children

MORE children than ever in the Lothians are registered with an NHS dentist, figures have shown.

Take bite out of dentophobia

SPECIALLY-trained "phobia" dentists are set to go to work in the Lothians, helping those too terrified to have their teeth touched.

£11m extra dental cash makes health chiefs smile

HEALTH chiefs have welcomed additional funding for dental services in the Lothians.

Rise in NHS dental patients

THE number of patients registered with an NHS dentist continues to rise in the Lothians.

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