Zoo's new arrivals bear all

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KOALAS Chumbee and Jannali were settling in to their new home at Edinburgh Zoo today after being unveiled to the public.

The two, whose names mean "Torpedo Bug" and "Moon" in the Aboriginal language, arrived safely from San Diego last week but were kept hidden for a few days in order to let them acclimatise.

The pair are the first koalas to be kept in a UK zoo since 1992, and they are expected to draw huge crowds to the Edinburgh attraction.

Their specially built enclosure mimics a large area of the animals' natural forest habitat, to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

Supplies of the eucalyptus leaves enjoyed by the koalas in their native eastern Australian home states of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales have been arriving at the zoo for weeks, although they are also appealing for people to help provide a supply of fresh leaves for the animals.

Edinburgh's koalas were due to arrive in June but a delay caused by US immigration officials forced the zoo to postpone plans for a spectacular Australian-themed party to mark the launch.

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