Top UK lawyer weighs up request to defend Saddam

ONE of Britain's leading barristers has still not decided whether to represent former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein when he goes on trial.

Anthony Scrivener QC said: "I have been approached by a chap from Iraq and asked to head Saddam's legal team.

"I haven't yet decided whether I will or not. As with any brief, there are a lot of things to consider. You have got to work through all sorts of issues."

Saddam is due to go on trial for mass murder at a secret location in Iraq next Wednesday.

It is believed that Mr Scrivener was approached by an Iraqi exile who has lived in Britain for about 20 years and works as a legal consultant.

Reports suggest Saddam's family is trying to assemble a team of international lawyers to represent him. Saddam and several associates face a series of charges relating to killings in Iraq dating back several years.

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