Mob hit captured on camera as Mafia boss is shot dead in street

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A Mafia boss was filmed being gunned down by a hitman as he waited outside a bar.

Mario Bacio Terracino, 53, was shot dead in what police believe was an ongoing feud with a rival clan over the control of a drug trafficking network.

Terracino was also known to police as a bank robber and was accused of a 1.8 million heist committed in 1991. His trademark was to enter buildings via the sewer network.

Police in the southern Italian port city of Naples, where the local Mafia are known as the Camorra, released the CCTV footage from a security camera in a bid to catch the gunman.

In the footage Terracino is seen standing outside the bar Vergini in the Sanita area of the city in the middle of the afternoon as people walk past.

The gunman, dressed in jeans, bomber jacket and baseball cap, is seen walking towards the shop and glancing briefly at Terracino before going inside. A woman stands close by counting change in her purse.

Sixteen seconds later Terracino is dead, as the killer walks out, firing first into his arm, sending his victim crashing to the ground. He is then seen to stand over the wounded Terracino and fire a single shot to the back of his head.

The woman is seen jumping in shock at the gunshot and turning to see the killer walk away calmly.

Yesterday, police in Naples said: "We are taking the unusual step of releasing this graphic footage in an attempt to catch his killer.

"His face, although hidden, is visible and someone out there must recognise him and we would appeal for him to come forward."

So far this year there have been more than 30 Camorra murders in the city of Naples, many of which remain unsolved.

In an attempt to control the extent of organised crime in Naples, the Italian government has flooded the area with troops but with no real effect.

One of the bloodiest Camorra hits was last September, when six Africans who tried to muscle into the drugs trade were gunned down outside a shop.

Yesterday, Italy's equal opportunities minister Mara Carfagna said: "This is a tragic, crude and incredible piece of film.

"It is right that every adult watches it because the first instrument in the fight against the Mafia is the consciousness of the people and they cannot and should not stand by and let this happen."

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