Michelle Mone’s embarrassment as she confuses man for 6-year-old

Michelle pictured with the unnamed Vietnamese man. Picture: Twitter

Michelle pictured with the unnamed Vietnamese man. Picture: Twitter

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MICHELLE Mone has tweeted her embarrassment at discovering the young Vietnamese boy she had just picked up at an international event was actually a fully grown man.

The baroness was speaking at a seminar in Vietnam in front of 3000 people, when she was approached by what she thought was a 6-year-old boy, only discovering he was actually a man after she’d picked him up for a hug.

A woman sitting in the front row was reported to have shouted: ‘Put him down – I’m his wife!’

Mone, who shared the predicament on twitter, tweeted: “Most embarrassing moment. Speaking in Vietnam to 3,000 people, thought this was a 6-year-old, picked him up, he’s a MAN”

Fellow celebrity June Sarpong responded: “Hilarious, brings new meaning to picking up a man.”

While another follower tweeted: “Did the slight stubble not give you a clue?”

It has been reported that the tweet may actually have been a marketing tactic to promote Mone’s new fake tan product – as the image of her with the man was first uploaded to her Instagram page six months ago.

A spokesman for the Baroness later denied this.

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